90 Day VA Review 2024 – Is It Worth It?

90 Day VA was created by Esther Inman, a single mom who left corporate America to pursue a career as a virtual assistant when her mental and physical health suffered because of the demands of her job.

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After Esther had built her own business from the ground up, she created an online course for other like-minded individuals who wanted to take back their lives and build a career on their own terms.

And so, 90 Day VA was born! Esther’s course focuses on empowering people to gain the skills they need to become successful virtual assistants and how to do so from anywhere in the world.

In the course, her students learn how to manage and communicate with clients, sharpen their computer and digital skills, set up an efficient home office, properly time manage tasks and responsibilities, market their business using social media and a website, and much more.

Who is 90 Day VA For?

The beauty of 90 Day VA lies in its ability to teach skills and offer education to almost anyone, regardless of education, experience, skill set, or age.

On the website, 90 Day VA is explicitly marketed to parents, military spouses, and travelers. Still, the real target audience is those new to virtual assisting who need a go-to resource to kick-start their business.

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While it’s beneficial to have writing skills and basic computer knowledge, neither is required to sign up for the course or to be successful as a VA.

The course will teach you everything you need to know!


90 Day VA Program Reputation

Overall, 90 Day VA has a positive online reputation as a fantastic resource for beginners looking to jump start their online businesses.

Based on our research, 90 Day VA has thousands of happy customers who credit this course with their success as a VA.

Esther Inman is held in high regard by the majority of her customers and students. Any qualms people have with the program are difficult to find online.

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Inside the Program

To sign up for 90 Day VA, you will visit their website. You can sign up for the free intro class, or when enrollment is open, you can sign up directly.

You’ll find this screen and can enter your personal information here to get started.

You can begin going through the course, one chapter at a time. Each chapter contains videos, real-world homework, advice and stories from Esther, worksheets, and more.

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90 Day VA Module Breakdown

Module 1: Getting Started Right

In this module, you’ll learn how to get started as a virtual assistant. This includes planning your training around your schedule, creating a portfolio, and getting a feel for the course layout.

Module 2: Launch Your Skills Today

Students will gain the marketable skills they need to brand themselves as VAs. Gain skills including calendar management, email management and coordination, and more.

Module 3: Content Repurpose like a Boss

In module 3, you’ll learn how to reuse and repurpose existing content from clients to improve your productivity and tasks related to social media, email, advertising, and more.

Module 4: Repurpose Blogs

There’s no doubt that content is one of the most significant missing puzzle pieces for businesses today in any industry. Companies see the value in content but don’t have the time or resources to create it.

That’s where you come in! Module 4 teaches using existing content to create a highly converting and informative blog.

90 day VA course content

Module 5: Social Media Superstar

Social media is undoubtedly a required skill as a modern VA. Nearly every business uses social media, and you can learn the basics, then improve your skills to impress businesses from all industries.

Module 6: Instagram and TikTok

Social platforms and trends are constantly changing, and this module keeps 90 Day VA students with their finger on the pulse. You’ll learn how to create reels, stories, and posts and how to build a strategy to help your client’s social numbers soar.

Module 7: Get Paid to Pin

Yes, you read that right. Get paid to play on Pinterest! In Module 7, the team’s Pinterest Manager provides valuable insight into how to upload, manage, and schedule pins and how to build a strategy on Pinterest to help clients build awareness in their industry.


Module 8: Podcast Assistant

If offering podcasting assistance is something you want to add to your portfolio of services, this module is for you. Hosted by VAI’s COO, this module explores the ins and outs of podcasting and the skills you can sharpen to be an effective, productive assistant.

Module 9: Video Editing & YouTube

Video isn’t going anywhere, and businesses struggle to adapt to this more demanding medium. This is where you come in! Gain valuable skills in editing, uploading, writing captions, adding music, and much more to make your clients’ video strategy one for the books.

Module 10: Email Newsletter Writing & Scheduling

Email can be a considerable portion of a company’s revenue, but few capitalize on it because of the time and energy it takes to launch. In this module, you’ll learn how to create newsletters and email blasts to current customers, new leads, and social followers.

Module 11: WordPress Maintenance

Learn how to write blog posts in WordPress and various administrative tasks that you’ll likely be expected to know how to handle as a VA in this module.

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90 Day VA Pricing

90 Day VA pricing is pretty easy to follow.

Customers can pay a one-time fee of $797 to get signed up. If you prefer to pay one month at a time, 90 Day VA offers a 12-month payment plan of $77 per month.

Either way you choose to pay, you’ll instantly gain access to the course, job boards, and the program’s community of support.

The cost savings of paying upfront is $127.

Refund Policy

According to the refund policy, 90 Day VA offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

To get your money back, however, you have to prove that you’ve given the program a chance by completing a few tasks, showing that you’ve attended group calls, completed a course or two, and done some homework assignments.

If you can prove you’ve put the effort in, Esther will give you your money back. After 14 days, there are no returns or refunds applicable.

Before signing up, consider that Esther and her team recommend committing up to 5 hours per week to the course. If you don’t think you can do that, it may be better to wait to invest in the course until you can spend the appropriate amount of time exploring it and giving it your all.

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The Results

According to current students, the investment of 90 Day VA begins paying off almost immediately. Once you sign up, you gain access to the exclusive job board, where you can pitch your current skills and services to a curated list of businesses seeking virtual assistants.

According to students of the course, most entry-level VA jobs begin at around $15 an hour. Once you’ve got a few clients, you can apply for better-paying jobs or charge more per hour as your skill set improves.

Just like any freelance role, you get what you put in. Some students earn upwards of $1k a month while working 15 hours a week; others work 20 hours a week and bring in $4k a month.

It all depends on your commitment, availability, and what you’re willing to bring to the table.

Is 90 Day VA Worth It?

There are a few factors that make 90 Day VA a worthwhile investment. For one, the exclusive access members get upon signing up is unmatched in the industry. From the community of support to the job listings, this makes the cost worth it.

Secondly, the cost is lower than average in the industry, and the course offers much more relevant lessons about social media, web management, lessons in email, marketing, and other trendy mediums like podcasting.

For these reasons, 90 Day VA is definitely worth it.

Pros and Cons of 90 Day VA

With any online course or program, you will encounter pros and cons.

These are usually specific to individual situations and expectations, so keep that in mind as you explore the pros and cons of 90 Day VA.

90 Day VA Pros

  • Over 50 hours of skills-based training
  • Access to a private Facebook community for six months
  • It can be completed in 90 days, with just 3-5 hours of work per week
  • Free virtual class to try before you buy
  • Curated job listings by Esther and her team
  • Tons of bonus content, videos, and more
  • Weekly coaching and group calls
  • All you need is a laptop and the internet to be successful!

Group Coaching Bonus

90 Day VA Cons

  • It is not a niche-based course; it covers everything VA, so if you need to gain specific skills, you may need additional training
  • Strictly a beginner’s course; not designed for intermediate or advanced VAs
  • After six months, there is a monthly fee to have access to the Facebook group ($49 per month)

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Praise & Criticism of 90 Day VA

The praise and customer reviews of 90 Day VA are overwhelmingly positive.

Most course participants have gotten their first jobs as VAs within a few weeks (all thanks to that exclusive job board!) and find success with their new clientele.

Most critical reviews (there are few) focus on the lack of a search function within the course itself, so you can’t search for a specific chapter if needed.

Others didn’t love that you must pay to access the private Facebook group after six months of membership, but they felt it was a fair and worthwhile fee for their business.

What Makes 90 Day VA special?

A major perk of the 90 Day VA course is the access it provides for students.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll gain access to an exclusive job board, including curated VA jobs for which you can apply.

The 90 Day VA course also offers students six months of access to the private Facebook group, where you’ll meet other students in the course, network, and learn from each other.

Working virtually can be isolating, so this perk will help you build professional relationships with like-minded individuals who can support you and vice-versa.

What else should the reader know?

Here are a few other things you should know about 90 Day VA:

  • Once you pay for the course, you have access to the content forever, including when there are updates made
  • For many students, access to the exclusive job board and the private Facebook group is worth the fee, just for the community support and curated job postings

How do you join 90 Day VA?

If everything you’ve read so far has assured you that 90 Day VA is the right fit for you, you can visit their website to sign up and get started.

Other courses offered by 90 Day VA

90 Day VA offers a bonus program called Portfolio Mentorship, where you can work one-on-one with an online-work mentor to curate the best portfolio for your business.

Best Alternatives to 90 Day VA

The Savvy Vault

The Savvy Vault contains over 80 tech training courses designed by experienced VAs to help newcomers understand the industry and gain the necessary skills and experience.

Virtual Excellence Academy

Virtual Excellence Academy is a business-building course that includes comprehensive training in all things digital, exclusive jobs, and a community and coworking space for members.

The Techie Mentor

The Techie Mentor is a comprehensive VA training program that teaches newbies and professional VAs how to scale up their businesses and acquire new skills. The program offers workshops, freebies, and an action plan to apply to your business.

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