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I’m Anton. I own and manage Work From Home Journey.com.


I’ve been in the digital marketing, digital publishing and online business for a long time now – pretty much since 2010! I also worked for Google for a number of years in the mid-to late noughties, and for other companies in the tech and marketing sectors.

I’ve gone from building small AdSense sites where I made my first $0.07 (I still remember the feeling of sheer amazement when I saw those numbers pop up on the screen in 2010!), to selling a site on Empire Flippers for multiple six figures a couple of years ago.

In between, I failed a lot, learned a lot, had some success and tried a lot of stuff. My skills include SEO, affiliate marketing, analytics, copywriting and countless others (in my humble opinion!).

I like to write

I’ve also written an article or two along the way, so I can officially say I’ve been published on third-party sites. Here is an example SEO article from TweakYourBiz from over a decade ago, and the advice is still mostly relevant!

Here is another on Google ads from the iSpionage blog.

You can also view more articles of mine on other digital marketing topics here.

I’ve also dabbled in YouTube marketing too – here is my channel with some videos from several years back (still perhaps quite relevant!). The more things change, the more the fundamentals remain.

Some sample articles of mine

Given the industry I am in and love, I had to learn fast, and learn along the way. The only way to succeed is to get into the trenches, get your hands mucky and see what happens!

That is what I’ve done. I’ve registered more domains than I could ever recollect, and launched more websites and Facebook pages than even I know! In fact, I often see a site or page I own and it surprises even me it’s still alive!

Fast Forward to Now

In 2023, I took over Work From Home Journey website and YouTube channel. Now, I plan to build the website into a significant resource to serve anyone looking to work from home or remotely, and who wants to start or grow an online business that they love – and can take anywhere!

There is no limit to what you can do with an online business, and it brings so many amazing opportunities.

Let’s get the show on the road! I’ll be updating old posts and adding more content to the site, so be sure to check back regularly.

How do we develop content for Work From Home Journey?

In case you are interested in how our content is produced, I work very closely with a small team of writers with experience performing detailed research on products, platforms and services in the work from home area.

We follow a careful and detailed methodology and writing and research template to guide the development of all our reviews and articles.

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