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Is Acre Gold a Scam? Complete Review for 2022

As the volatility of the stock market keeps increasing, people have started looking for more stable investment opportunities.

That’s where companies like Acre Gold come into play.

Acre Gold website homepageWith a simple and foolproof business model, Acre Gold offers you an easy way to invest small portions of your income into their gold bars.

Monthly subscriptions for entertainment are already a big part of our lives, so why not subscribe to an investment program which can help us on a rainy day?

Our Acre Gold review will give you all the insight you need to start planning for your next long-term investment. We will be covering all the details of subscribing to Acre Gold, so you know what you’re getting into.

What is Acre Gold?

Acre Gold was born when a group of fintech veterans decided to sit together and make huge leaps in the gold market. They noticed all the flaws and trust issues that surrounded the gold market.

In order to make a difference, the group decided to establish Acre Gold as a means of simplifying and enhancing the gold purchasing process.

Considering all the questionable markets for gold, such as pawnshops and online sites, Acre Gold was a true blessing for long-term investors.

They created a subscription plan that ensures your money is safe while only taking a small portion of your monthly income. The affordable fees are what made the company an opportunity for the mass market.

Today, the company has two headquarters, one in Santa Monica, California, and the other in Boise, Idaho. With the minds of the fintech veterans hard at work, most if not all the investors subscribed to Acre Gold have saved tons of money in gold.

Acre Gold works because it’s powered by the founders’ dedication to positioning gold as an investment rather than an ornament in the minds of their customers.

Acre Gold Review: Business Model

So how does Acre Gold work? Well, it’s simple! Acre Gold offers a platform where you can easily deposit your cash to acquire gold. According to their subscription levels, you can either pay $50, $100, or $250 a month. When you first start your subscription, there is a one-time fee of $12.

Once the signup process is complete, you are expected to deposit your designated monthly installment within a given time frame. Acre Gold keeps track of your total accumulated deposits so it can ship your first bar of the precious metal as soon as possible.

When your monthly subscription cost reaches the price of a 2.5 or 5-gram bar, the company will dispatch your gold bullion. You will, however, need to cover some extra shipping charges along with the fulfillment fees.

how acre gold works

To sum it all up, Acre Gold provides you a platform through which you can save a little portion of your income till it amounts to a bar of gold. Whether you receive a 2.5-gram bar or a 5-gram bar depends on your subscription tier.

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Is Acre Gold Legit?

If you’re wondering, is acre gold legit? You’re not the only one. However, the legitimacy of Acre Gold is not to be doubted. Headquartered in Santa Monica, the company is 100% legit with secure modes of payment and shipping.

As mentioned before, purchasing gold is difficult as the market is filled with scammers and fakes, so ensuring a secure payment gateway is Acre Gold’s top priority. While they have not received accreditation from the BBB (Better Business Bureau), the Acre Gold customer reviews are mostly positive when it comes to service.

The fintech veterans have been in the gold market for quite some time, so they know all the common issues customers might face when purchasing gold. You might be paying a little extra than the gold spot price, but that is still better than taking your chances at being scammed.

What’s more, all the subscriptions are handled through ReCharge. It further eliminates any doubts about payment security as ReCharge is well-known for providing online subscription services.

How to Get Started on Your Acre Gold Bars Subscription

One thing I noticed while visiting their website is that their cost structures are all given in detail. If you visit the website and read up on their services and offerings, you should be clear on how to get started with Acre Gold subscriptions.

Initial One Time Membership Fee

The first cost you will encounter upon signing up to their subscription platform is the one-time membership fee of $12. It remains the same across all subscription tiers, so this is a base fee for anyone and everyone willing to invest in Acre Gold.

While it’s true that this is a one-time fee, it only applies to people who keep their subscriptions. Once you cancel your membership, you will need to pay this membership fee again to invest in precious metals with Acre Gold.

Acre Gold Customer Portal

Upon completing the one-time fee, the first communication you receive is an email that contains a link to the Acre Gold customer portal. Here, you will create your own account to keep track of your investments and progress.

This portal summarizes all your transactions with Acre Gold; you can check the shipment status and even adjust your membership tier.

Acre Gold Subscription Tiers

After getting the hang of using your customer portal, it is finally time to decide which subscription tier fits you best.

Acre Gold has three tiers of subscriptions, the first being as low as $50 a month, followed by $100 a month, and the highest being $250 per month.

The $50 subscriptions are slow starters and will take some time before you have your first 2.5-gram gold bullion.

However, if you invest $100 a month, you can directly get a 5-gram gold bar at a faster rate. It depends entirely on personal preference and the level of disposable income.

Acre Gold Email Invoice

Once you have decided on the subscription tier, you need to use the ReCharge payment gateway to send in your first payment. Acre Gold’s systems will send you an automated invoice detailing your transaction upon receiving the money.

These progress reports are mailed to you every month to show you a summary of your account without accessing the customer portal.

The mail also contains a link that easily redirects you to the portal in case you want to look into the details.

Specifications of the Physical Gold Bar

So what can you expect from your first shipment of precious metals? Let’s look into the specifications of the Acre Gold bullions to understand their worth.

Proof of Authenticity

Every single physical gold bar shipment comes with a card that shows proof of authenticity. It certifies that the gold has been thoroughly inspected for purity and weighed accurately. Also, other than the bar’s weight, you also receive information on the assayer (someone who evaluates the authenticity of gold).

Moreover, the entire bar is sealed in tamper-evident packaging. As a result, you are always the first to break the seal and open the packaging.

Gold Bar Specifications

Each of the gold bars is designed in California, USA but is entirely minted in Switzerland.

  • The bars have a guaranteed purity of 99.9% or 0.9999; this is as fine as it gets
  • Premium protective packaging with weight and authentication information printed as listed by the evaluator
  • Each gold bar is shipped in beautiful packaging with a display drawer
  • On the front side is a single stamped Acre logo along with weight and purity details
  • On the reverse side, the Acre Gold logo is stamped across the entire bar

Acre Gold Refund and Cancellation Policy

Since this is a subscription program, there is a high chance that you would want to cancel or withdraw your savings eventually, and that is completely fine. However, you must understand that Acre Gold will not take back any physical gold that has already been dispatched to your address.

The withdrawal of funds is only available when the funds are deposited in your account and have not been converted to precious metals. You can get more information from their customer service operators by emailing them at

Furthermore, cancellations are also possible if there is a delay in your Acre Gold shipping. However, you will incur a small cancellation fee because the company has already incurred delivery costs.

On another note, those of you who want to end the subscription entirely at a future time, just know that there is another cancellation fee of $20. Once you have cleared this fee, you are no longer an investor for Acre Gold.

Acre Gold Referral Program

The Acre Gold website does not clearly mention the incentive for referring new subscribers. It only talks about how Acre Gold is willing to grow, and so they encourage you to bring in more users for them.

But with thorough research on customer reviews, we found out that they do, in fact, have a referral program to encourage customers to bring in new clients. Acre Gold’s referral program gives you proper incentives if the user you referred to subscribes and makes a single month’s payment.

Is Acre Gold Worth It?

We all know that you’re not paying the spot price for every bar you receive. At Acre Gold, you are being charged at a price above market value, mostly because of their service quality.

In addition, they are offering you an easy and secure method of investing your cash in acquiring gold, so it is only fair that they keep a small portion for themselves. This is the case with any broker when you want to buy gold, almost all of them will charge you higher than the spot price because of their own incentives.

Since the market is flooded with scammers and people selling fake or impure gold, reliability is of the essence. With Acre Gold, you don’t have to stay awake at night thinking about whether your gold broker gave you a fake bar of precious metals.

Some people might argue that it is better to purchase gold coins and jewelry than to subscribe to an investment plan. What they fail to consider is the fact that most people have limited incomes, so they cannot spend a large portion of it on gold investments.

Acre Gold opens new possibilities for these people by allowing monthly payments of $50, which takes up a small portion of their incomes.

We think it is worth every penny to subscribe and invest in Acre Gold. This simplifies the entire gold investment process and keeps things entirely transparent. Also, the most crucial reason for incurring the Acre Gold cost is reliability.

They might have a few bad reviews, but they have never provided anything short of pure gold.

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Acre Gold Pros and Cons


  • The signup process is very easy and simple
  • Every physical gold bar is made of .9999 pure gold
  • Membership fee is only taken one time
  • Weight and purity info is included with each gold bar
  • Offer a sustainable payment plan for every subscription tier
  • Four different monthly subscription tier options from low to high
  • Referral program available with proper incentives
  • Gold is less subject to volatile market forces
  • Premium tamper-evident packaging which protects your gold
  • Send monthly receipt email to keep track of your investments
  • It aims to make gold investing seem like an approachable plan
  • Every gold bullion is minted in Switzerland
  • There have been no customer complaints about the purity or quality of gold


  • No clear way to liquidate gold bars
  • It does not clarify the exact price of the gold bar
  • Gold may be priced at a premium which is higher than other brokers
  • They do not focus on fostering a community of investors
  • Website user-experience is not very informative
  • No gold IRA services for precious metals offered
  • The customer has to incur shipping and fulfillment fees
  • Subscription can only be canceled upon paying a fee of $20
  • A proper hotline for voice assistance is not available

Acre Gold Customer Reviews

Customer reviews provide a birds-eye view of how the company performs. When we looked into all the sites that have Acre Gold reviews, we received a mixture of both good and bad.

Most subscribers from limited-income households have mentioned how thankful they are for Acre Gold’s service. Allowing people to deposit as low as $50 until they cover the gold costs has proven to be a blessing for most.

These customers were happy to finally invest in something that could be a source of emergency funds in the future.

Acre Gold has undoubtedly simplified the entire way to buy gold through its platform. People have given many positive reviews about their service and gold authenticity, even with premium pricing. It seems that customers are willing to pay extra to buy gold with a monthly installment of $50.

Kelli Francis from GoBankingRates recently featured Acre Gold in an article where she gave positive reviews on their systematic way to buy gold. The article talks about how well Acre Gold is able to simplify the entire process and encourage others to move away from buying stocks and into gold.

There will inevitably be customers who have complaints and bad experiences with any company. The biggest problem we have seen with Acre Gold’s customer service officials is the time taken to reply to customer emails.

Some subscribers have sent tons of emails but never got one back. Some users have said that their social media platforms reach out faster, but the service seemed unsatisfactory for those relying on emails.

Here’s a few reviews from Acre Gold customers:

acre gold customer review 1acre gold customer review 2acre gold customer review 3acre gold customer review 4

Acre Gold Alternatives

As the gold market is quite saturated, there are a number of top contenders. Also, Acre Gold started just around 2019, so they still have a long way to go in terms of experience.

There don’t appear to be any true alternatives to Acre Gold that operate with a subscription-based business model. The closest alternatives are websites where you can simply buy gold bullion such as APMEX and JM Bullion, or gold IRA services such as GoldCo and Augusta Precious Metals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Acre Gold work?

Acre Gold charges a monthly subscription for buying gold in fractions of bars. Once you’ve made enough monthly payments to cover a gold bar, an actual bar of gold ships to you.

  • How much is the premium charged on Acre Gold?

Acre Gold does not provide exact prices on their website or any communications. But according to reviewers online, it is higher than buying gold bullions from a broker.

  • How long will it take to obtain a gold bar if I pay $50/month?

A 2.5 gram gold bar is typically priced under $200, although it fluctuates with the price of gold. So, if you sign up for a minimum investment rate of $50, it will take about 4 months to make you eligible for a physical gold bar.

  • Should I really invest in gold?

If we compare the stability of gold to other precious metals, then yes, it is a good investment strategy. Gold also has a constant demand throughout the year, so it is easy to liquidate. This is also the safer option if you’re considering investing in stocks.

As with any investment, though, there are risks. For example, you might have to wait until the monthly subscription cost meets the current market price of gold to liquidate successfully. Also, you may lose money if you resell too quickly.

  • Is Acre Gold legit?

It only makes sense to wonder whether Acre Gold is legit. But don’t worry, because their services are 100% genuine. All the gold bars are designed in California, United States, but they are minted only in Switzerland. Each bar includes a certificate of authenticity, so it is reliable. Acre Gold: legit!

  • Can I sell my gold bars to Acre Gold in exchange for cash?

No. Even though they deal with gold as an investment opportunity, Acre Gold does not buy gold back from their investors. So, you have to go to brokers or pawnshops to get the best value for your bar of gold.

  • How much will it cost to ship my gold bar?

The shipping fee will vary from area to area; there is also a fulfillment fee, but none of these have been discussed on the Acre Gold website. As such, the shipping and fulfillment fees vary depending on where the bars ship.

  • Does Acre Gold offer Retirement Investment Services?

Unlike many other precious metal companies, Acre Gold does not provide IRA facilities. They only work on a subscription basis, and for that to continue, you must keep paying a fixed amount every month. If you’re looking for a gold IRA company, I suggest going with either of these two companies.

  • How can I contact the Acre Gold customer support team if they don’t respond to my emails?

Many reviews have stated that they take too long to respond to emails, and they don’t have any phone numbers mentioned on their site. So, you can try reaching out to them on their social media platforms or, if you live nearby, visit their office in Santa Monica.

Final Words

Investing in long-term assets always requires thorough planning and assessment. We hope this Acre Gold Review has given you all the details you need to start your precious metals investment journey. The entire subscription and sign up process are pretty simple; you need to take the leap and go for it.

If you’re interested in using Acre Gold, you can sign up on their website.

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  1. I have tried to cancel my subscription service for a week. When trying to log into account to cancel, the website tells me It didn’t recognize my email even though the day of it sent me an email and it said even though we don’t recognize your email it doesn’t mean that u don’t have an account with us. So emailed company to immediately cancel services and then they tell Mr that to cancel subscription it costs $8, just to cancel. And then the next day they charge another month of subscription after I told them I want to cancel, and charge me 5 days ahead of when they take out payment. I will taking them to court for there lack of transparency, illegal payment and complete lack integrity as a company.

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