Affiliate & Earnings Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure provides people with well researched, timely and value-adding content covering a range of topics. We also monetize this website in various ways as explained below to cover our costs and earn a legitimate income for our efforts.

Affiliate Marketing

The primary way we monetize this website is through affiliate marketing.

When a visitor clicks on any one of the affiliate links and makes a purchase with the particular vendor, we make a commission. We only ever personally recommend products that we believe are of high value based on our own personal experience with the product and/or insight after having researched it thoroughly.

Only a very small percentage of the links placed within this website are affiliate links, most links take visitors to additional content throughout this website or link to relevant and useful external websites.

Amazon Associates

We may place Amazon, a third-party affiliate marketing network, advertisements on this website for which we will be paid a commission when a website visitor clicks on one of these ads and proceeds to make a purchase on the Amazon website. Amazon uses cookies to ensure we get a commission when our website visitors purchase a product after clicking one of our Amazon affiliate links. Learn more about the use of cookies by reading the Amazon Privacy Policy.

Google AdSense

We may place Google AdSense advertisements on this website and earn from this programe. We earn a portion of revenue when users click on our ads. Google optimizes these ads to show you the most useful and relevant ads via the use of cookies and other technologies. Learn more about the use of cookies and Google AdSense advertising policies.

Other Sources of Income

At our sole discretion, we may use other methods of monetizing this website such as CPA marketing which pays a fee when a visitor completes an action, such as filling out a form.

How Does This Impact You?

It’s important to understand that our receiving a commission or revenue of any kind will not make the product more expensive for you in any way. Our commission is paid by the product vendor and/or advertising partner at no additional cost to you.


We published this page to explain to our visitors how we monetize this website and to explain the concept behind it. We hope this helps and if you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.