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Full APMEX Review for 2022 – Legit or Scam?

Among the most trusted precious metal dealers in the world, APMEX regularly tops the chart. It’s one of the largest gold retailers in the USA, with comprehensive pricing and investor-friendly features.

apmex website homepageAPMEX gives people a chance to shop from over forty thousand precious metal bars, bullion, silver rounds, and coins.

Their marketplace includes every bullion product from the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and top mints and manufacturers in the world.

Our detailed APMEX review will help you know more about this precious metal dealer, their top-selling collection, price range, payment options, customer service, plus shipping and delivery!

If this is your first time buying gold, silver, or platinum from APMEX as a US or international customer, here’s everything you need to know!

What Is APMEX and What Does APMEX Sell?

APMEX is a reputed American e-commerce retailer of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, as well as numismatics and semi-numismatics.

The company was founded in 2000 by Scott Thomas, an Oklahoma native with an affinity towards gold bars and coins. APMEX started as an eBay account and became a local coin shop soon after.

Fast forward to 2022, APMEX is among the largest precious metal dealers in the world. They have a diverse collection that includes IRA-eligible products from various world mints.

APMEX offers a two-way marketplace where you can buy and sell precious metals at the market price. They have more than 40,000 precious metal products in the form of bars, bullion, and coins.

Not only does APMEX sell precious metals, they also buy them at a market-driven price. And, no need to worry – there’s absolutely no risk of counterfeiting or making past APMEX’s diligent authentication.

Is APMEX Worth It?

APMEX is an authorized buyer of the United States Mint, The Royal Mint, The Perth Mint, Austrian Mint, Mexican Mint, and more than 50 international manufacturers of metal bars, rounds, and coins.

They have a good range of rare collectibles as well as the latest bullion coins and commemoratives from the world’s top mints. APMEX ships orders with trusted carriers such as UPS and FedEx.

Once you confirm an order, you are provided with a live tracking number. You can monitor your order status and contact their highly cooperative team with any query. Not to mention, all products are fully insured until they’re delivered and signed by the addressees.

APMEX has reasonable return, refund, and exchange policies and a modest cancellation fee. Video surveillance is available for people who send their collectibles over to American Precious Metals Exchange for inspection and selling purposes.

Is It Safe to Buy Precious Metals from APMEX?

Based on our research, APMEX is one of the safest ways to buy precious metals. They are an ethical gold retailer that ensures authentic products, safe deliveries, and secure storage.

According to APMEX reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), this business has an A+ rating. The prices of both silver and gold coins shift daily on the global market. So, the price of gold or silver bullion can change multiple times throughout the day.

APMEX instantly locks in the price at which you placed the order and doesn’t charge you the price that is going on at the time of shipment.

You can withdraw your investment at any time and have the items shipped to your home. The cost of storing gold and silver bullions with Citadel is as low as $9.95. Your precious metal will be preserved in an air-tight capsule, similar to a safety deposit box, for maximum security.

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Gold from APMEX

If you’re interested in a pre-1933 gold or silver bullion on APMEX, you can place an order for sure. APMEX is partnered with World Mints.

Their MintDirect program means you can have your desired bars, coins, and rounds shipped directly from the mint to your house!

  1. Bullions from Mints Around the World 

The best-selling APMEX products consist of gold, silver, platinum, and rare coins from the US Mint, Royal Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Mexican Mint, and the Perth Mint. APMEX also has a fine collection of gold chains, bezels, pendants, and necklaces. You can find more of their bestsellers on the APMEX website, where they recently released 2022 coins.

  1. Buy, Sell, and Trade Gold with APMEX  

APMEX provides a confirmation email and tracking number with every purchase. You can turn on order notifications through texts or emails from your tracking number. Most packages take between 1 to 10 business days to get delivered.

International customers can buy precious metals from APMEX at competitive market prices and low shipping rates. They ensure secure payments and safe deliveries regardless of the order quantity.

  1. Multiple Payment Options

We recommend APMEX because it offers you a wide range of payment options. As a payment method for only gold and silver purchase, you can use your check, credit card, or PayPal and place an order with this reputable company. APMEX also recently launched BitPay for its cryptocurrency users.

  1. Secure, Hassle-Free Deliveries 

APMEX is focused on ensuring a prompt delivery after receiving a few negative reviews on Better Business Bureau. They have reinforced their email and phone support and gathered positive feedback from both their US and international customers.

  1. No Minimum Order Requirement 

APMEX has a minimum order requirement, but it is only applicable to customers outside the US. The company doesn’t impose a minimum order policy on US orders. Therefore, a shipping fee of $9.95 applies to all domestic orders under $199 dollars.

APMEX has a $25,000 transaction limit on international orders paid by a credit card. While APMEX doesn’t have a maximum order for US customers, you may need to put in a deposit if your order value crosses $500,000.

APMEX Alternatives and Competitors

There are more places than the APMEX for ordering gold online. A close alternative would be Money Metals Exchange, an online gold retailer with similar features as APMEX.

There’s also SD Bullion, JM Bullion, Golden Eagle Coins, and BGASC. SD Bullion has a limited collection of gold and numismatic coins.

BGASC is a small company but puts forward an excellent lineup of products. They have the best gold coin collection consisting of Canadian Gold Maples, American Eagles, Pre-1933 US gold coins, and South African Krugerrands.

JM Bullion doesn’t sell internationally, but they make up for it with unbeatable shipping charges and rare mint bullion products. Shipping is free for orders over $199, and is $7.99 for orders valued $199 and under. Like Money Metals and APMEX, JM Bullion has an impressive collection for gold investors.

Each is a legitimate company with great service. Individually, they’re much better and more secure than a local coin dealer.

How to Buy Gold Bars at APMEX (Inside US and Select Countries)

Buying gold on APMEX is similar to shopping on an online marketplace. You add the products you like to your cart, select the quantity, put in your name, address, and contact number, and proceed to delivery.

If you’re located outside the US, you can purchase bullion from APMEX internationally. APMEX currently ships to 33 countries, including the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Israel, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Japan, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore.

International orders have a $250 minimum purchase required when you opt for a credit card, Bitcoin Cash, or Bitcoin payment. The minimum order for purchasing via wire is $1500 as of 2022.

Selling Gold to APMEX: What to Keep in Mind

APMEX has a customer-centric approach to domestic and international buyers. However, your experience can be different if you’re looking forward to selling some of your precious metals to APMEX.

Here’s what to expect on your first-time selling gold to APMEX:

  1. On-Site Numismatists for Authentication 

First off, APMEX is fully on board to buy more inventory. To make sure that they don’t end up with poor-quality coins, their expert team will run exhaustive checks on your products. Prior to this, the quoted price will be locked in to protect you from market movements.

  1. The Type of Products You Can Sell to APMEX

Given gold’s higher current market price, it seems reasonable to sell some from your stock and increase your liquid assets. APMEX is a particular business that buys, sells, and trades gold with US and international customers.

You can sell gold, silver, numismatics, semi-numismatics, rare coins, and currencies to APMEX at very good prices!

  1. Insured Logistics and Video Surveillance for Transparency 

APMEX offers completely insured shipping with its exclusive partnership with UPS. So, although you assume responsibility for the shipping charge, APMEX can get you discounted prices and insurance rates.

If you send an incorrect product, the APMEX receiving team will offer a new quote over the phone. Your packages will be processed under video surveillance to make sure that the process is 100% transparent. As a seller, you will pay the return shipping fee for wrong or counterfeit items.

  1. Fast and Easy Payments

Once your products are authenticated, APMEX is most likely to clear your payment within the next business day. If they fail to do so, you will receive a $10 gift voucher which you can spend on a future APMEX purchase.

If you don’t send in the agreed-upon metals in due time, you need to reimburse APMEX with a $35 market loss fee.

APMEX Customer Reviews

For an online gold retailer that ships internationally, APMEX has fewer customer complaints than you’d think. One reason for that is they specify the full price on your order form, and unless there is a delivery issue with the carrier, there is no hidden fee.

Due to your chosen payment method, order processing can take a week. Most customer complaints at APMEX are about the time required to deliver products and shipments getting lost in the USPS.

Rest assured, every APMEX shipment in transit is covered by insurance. So, if you can accept occasional delays due to a high order volume, your experience with APMEX will be smooth-sailing!

They only sell authorized gold, silver, and platinum products manufactured by different mints and gold companies in the world. Similarly, the fineness of other products is verified by APMEX’s professional numismatists.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is APMEX legit?

Yes, APMEX is a legit e-commerce retailer that sells IRA precious metals in the USA and some other countries. On APMEX, you can buy the finest gold, silver, platinum, and palladium as bars, coins, commemoratives, and jewelry.

APMEX is partnered with world-class IRA custodians who can help you with your IRA creation and maintenance. You can also sell gold and silver products in exchange for market-driven prices.

  • What are the shipping charges for APMEX products in the USA?

The shipping charge for APMEX products valued at $199 and under is $9.95 anywhere in the United States. APMEX provides free shipping for orders above $199. They have no minimum order policy.

However, you may be eligible for a quantity discount for purchasing bullion coins in bulk. Citadel precious metals priced under $500 will have a $9.90 shipping charge.

  • Can I purchase APMEX gold coins internationally?

You can purchase APMEX gold and silver products internationally. APMEX will guide you through the steps for the wire transfer. You can buy products worth $25,000 and under with a USD credit card.

After payment completion, your bullion coins will be shipped within the specified time on your order form.

Taxes and duties are levied on the customer. Orders are entrusted to reputed international carriers (either UPS Worldwide Expedited, or FedEx International Economy) for delivering them to your door.

  • Is the price locked in when you order from APMEX?

When you order a precious metal at a specified price, it stays locked in until delivery. Because prices of bullion coins can fluctuate, you can expect varying prices of the same item. However, once you place an order at APMEX, you are required to pay the exact amount at which you ordered, not the price that is currently showing on the marketplace.

  • Can I pay for precious metals by check on APMEX?

You can pay for gold coins, silver coins, and all listed items on APMEX by a bank check. It can take up to seven days for the payment to be processed, so deliveries are sometimes delayed when you pay via a check.

On the plus side, APMEX provides a solid 4% discount to their customers if they pay via check, eCheck, or a bank wire. If the check is bounced, you may be subject to a market loss fee.

  • Is my APMEX order insured while it is in transit?

All APMEX orders are 100% insured while they’re in transit. Therefore, if your shipment gets lost at any step of the delivery, you will be refunded in full in due time.

APMEX doesn’t assume responsibility for unattended packages, orders that are already shipped to the address, and you specifically gave instructions to leave the package without a signature. If metals are damaged or lost in transit, they will either re-send your products or refund you.

  • Can I cancel my APMEX order? 

Yes, it’s possible to cancel your APMEX order both internationally and inside the US. All orders have a confirmation number, and you need to mention that while canceling your order. APMEX accepts cancellation requests during their regular business hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Thursday.

As per your user agreement, your orders will be subject to a cancellation fee of $35 USD and an additional market loss fee (if applicable) charged to your card. Moving forward, APMEX processes refunds in a timely manner. So, you can expect to get your money back in full within a couple of days.

  • Is it profitable to invest in APMEX gold and silver?

It’s profitable to invest in gold, silver, and platinum bars because they are a store of value and a medium of exchange. Therefore, when you invest in gold, you are making the most out of your money and avoiding loss from holding stocks in a bad market.

APMEX’s gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products are a good investment because they consist of pure, IRA-approved metal. Some of their rare coin collections have a high collectible value that grows sharply with time.

  • Does APMEX accept bitcoin?

APMEX accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. If you want to order with Bitcoin, APMEX will send you a BitPay invoice. From there, you have 15 minutes to make your payment.

Use a BitPay-approved Payment Protocol Compliance wallet for a smooth transaction. Please note that APMEX isn’t accepting orders exceeding $250,000 to be paid via Bitcoin as of 2022.

  • Which companies sell gold like APMEX?

A gold retailer similar to APMEX in terms of pricing, international shipping, and collection is Money Metals. They offer starter portfolios for first-time investors and a monthly savings plan for increasing your gold coin collection.

Money Metals is known for its highly competitive prices and customer-centric features. Shipping is free for all orders over $500, and you can store them at class 3 vaults where your metals will be completely insured by Lloyd’s of London.

  • Does APMEX have secure storage?

Yes, APMEX provides Citadel Global Depository Services for customers who wish to store their gold in a private storage facility. Citadel is managed by Brink’s, an industry leading security company.

It’s also an APMEX subsidiary, which means your private item details are not shared with a third-party company. When buying multiple high-value items, keep them in a safe deposit box at Citadel for your peace of mind.

  • How long does APMEX take to deliver products?

APMEX orders paid through credit card, PayPal, bank wire, or Bitcoin cash are usually shipped within three business days.

You can opt for their QuickShip delivery to have select products shipped within one business day.

Additionally, if you pay through personal checks or an eCheck, it can take up to 6 days for your order to leave their facility. APMEX ships Pre-33 gold products within three days following your order date.

  • Can I sell products to APMEX?

Yes, you can sell gold and silver to APMEX. Like buying precious metals, selling them is also a safe, straightforward process. Your products will be authenticated in every way, and the APMEX team will get back to you with a fair quote.

They won’t accept poor quality junk silver, so ensure the quality of your precious metals in possession before calling APMEX. If they send back your product, you need to pay the return shipping fee as well as a market loss fee.

  • What is the APMEX return policy?

APMEX has a pretty well-defined return policy on their precious metal products and certified coins. You can request a refund within seven days from the day you receive the order.

Shipping charges are nonrefundable, and you have to pay for the return shipping. The items must be in a good condition, otherwise APMEX has the right to reject your refund.

Customers may also have to pay a $35 market loss and cancellation fee on their returns. You can pay via your USD credit card within 30 days, during which APMEX won’t accept a new order.

  • Does APMEX keep you updated on your order status? 

Whether you’re selling to or buying from APMEX, you’ll always be updated on your order status. It’s a part of APMEX’s courteous service that we really liked. They have a straightforward order tracking process that includes specifying your order number and email address only.

  • Does APMEX have good customer support?

APMEX is famous for its fast and courteous service. They have a diligent customer care team that responds to your queries and emails. You can get live updates on your orders whether you’re in the US or outside.

For refunds and exchanges, the APMEX team provides detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. If there’s a problem with your order or you receive a damaged shipment, contact APMEX at (800) 375-9006 within two days for a hassle-free settlement.

  • What are the benefits of an APMEX account? 

If you want to begin investing in gold, opening an APMEX account can help you get valuable insights into the market. By opening an account with APMEX, you can view live price charts of gold, platinum, palladium, and silver rounds.

Additionally, you can place orders faster, grab a great deal in a short window, and track your order live on your phone. APMEX has designed special offers that they only reveal to account holders. Thankfully, it doesn’t cost anything to open an APMEX account.

Bottom Line

Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, APMEX has now become the world’s leading gold retailer online. We tried to answer the internet’s most-asked questions on APMEX in our detailed review.

APMEX is a legitimate marketplace with rock-solid security and great customer service. If you’re interested in purchasing precious metals, consider using APMEX!

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