Bookkeeper Launch Review (2023) – Is It Legit & Worth It?

Are you a whiz with numbers? Do you naturally gravitate toward details and organization? Then you may enjoy putting those skills to use by working as a bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping is lucrative for those who want to work in a financial capacity without needing to pursue an advanced degree or license.

But if you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to figure out how to get started without qualifications. That’s where Bookkeeper Launch comes in.

We’ve reviewed the course below so you can make an informed decision.

Before we get started, if you’d like to just check out the course content first, you can check out the entire Bookkeeper Launch syllabus.

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Let’s get into it!

Bookkeeper Launch free classes

Bookkeeper Launch’s founder, Ben Robinson, promises an all-inclusive course that teaches foundational bookkeeping skills, organizational strategies, and marketing tips for attracting clients.

But is it legit? And is it worth it? This comprehensive Bookkeeper Launch review will answer that question and help you decide if it’s the right program for you.

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What Is Bookkeeper Launch?

Bookkeeper Launch is a program that helps complete beginners learn how to become work-from-home bookkeepers.

This comprehensive and self-paced online course helps you take your accounting knowledge from novice to master in no time with a digestible course format and easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorials.

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The program offers comprehensive training on bookkeeping and accounting concepts, such as budgeting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, as well as best practices for running a successful business.

Certified public accountant and owner of his own CPA firm, Ben Robinson, launched the revolutionary online course Bookkeeper Launch in 2015. He is also the owner of, a bookkeeping services company that offers additional coursework.

You can read about Ben’s story here.

Ben Robinson Bookkeeper Launch

In this course, students learn and gain:

  • Contemporary and competitive bookkeeping skills
  • A system for staying organized
  • Marketing know-how for finding great clients
  • Members-only community forums

Even more tools and resources are available in the “premiere” and “team” level programs for bookkeeping enthusiasts looking for more support.

View the Bookkeeper Launch Syllabus

Is Bookkeeper Launch Legitimate?

After careful consideration and research, it’s clear that Bookkeeper Launch is a legitimate program. Their business profile on the Better Business Bureau site boasts an astonishing 5 out of 5 stars since accreditation in 2020.

Bookkeeper Launch BBB accredited

The company has also been around for 7 years, so there is no need to worry that Bookkeeper Launch has suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

They’ve also regularly ranked in the INC. 500 list as the fastest-growing company in accounting, which speaks volumes to the credibility of their program.

Real Bookkeeper Launch Reviews

Let’s take a look at reviews from verified customers and third-party review websites. There are many positive reviews, and most course users love how the teachings are broken down into understandable chunks.

Complete beginners don’t feel overwhelmed, and many report that they have gained the confidence to start their own bookkeeping businesses after taking this course.

BBB (Better Business Bureau) reviews from satisfied students:

BBB Bookkeeper Launch reviews

A Google Business review from another happy customer:

Bookkeeper Launch Google review

I recommend checking out some more success stories on the BL site.

Are There Any Negative Reviews?

Only one complaint has been made on the BBB site, stating that after a year of owning the program, the company refused to make a refund.

However, the company promptly responded to the complaint and explained the terms of the promotion rather than ignoring the customer all together.

It’s hard to find a negative review of the Bookkeeper Launch elsewhere on the internet due to the exceptional success of this program. However, even 5-star reviews give a glimpse into some shortcomings of the program.

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Most often, people mention the following limitations:

  • Bookkeeper Launch isn’t a “get rich quick” program and takes time and a lot of personal initiative to earn income-replacing money.
  • At four figures, the price of the course is prohibitively high for many people.
  • The course doesn’t guarantee clients and it’s the responsibility of the bookkeeper to generate new business.

This review mentions several of these pros and cons, even though the student ultimately didn’t blame the faults directly on the course or its creators:BBB Bookkeeper Launch critical review

You can view more reviews from satisfied customers on the Bookkeeper Launch website too.

View the Bookkeeper Launch Syllabus

Who Is Bookkeeper Launch For?

Bookkeeper Launch is the perfect solution for work-from-home professionals who want to start their own virtual bookkeeping business.

Since it’s self-paced, it’s ideal for those who are already working another job, need to tend to the family, or are generally busy and require a flexible schedule.

The program is designed to educate complete beginners as well as those with a bit of bookkeeping experience looking to fill gaps in their understanding.

The Bookkeepers team states that this program works best for aspiring entrepreneurs with these qualities:

  • Honesty: Since you will be working with financial information, honesty is an absolute must.
  • Attention to Detail: Bookkeeping requires a process-oriented mindset and the ability to spot discrepancies quickly.
  • Confidence: When working with clients, you need to have a level of confidence that reflects your knowledge.
  • Social and Communication Skills: You need to be able to communicate with clients in a professional yet friendly manner.
  • An Open Mindset: Technology is constantly changing and evolving in the bookkeeping world, so you need to be open to learning new things as they come up.
  • Organizational Skills: The key to efficiency as a bookkeeper is to stay organized and focused. This way, you can ensure accuracy and make sure all clients’ needs are met without wasting time.

You can learn if this program is right for you by asking questions on the Bookkeepers Facebook group, which has over 62,000 followers.

Bookkeepers Launch Facebook page

A Look Inside the Bookkeeper Launch Program

The team behind Bookkeeper Launch highlight the importance of having a strong business foundation, which is why it teaches students how to set up their businesses correctly.

You can view everything you get with the Bookkeeper Launch program via the syllabus.

The program promises these outcomes by the end of the course:

  • You will have the essential skills you need to impress clients in the 21st Century bookkeeping field.
  • You will understand the modern business landscape and your role as a 21st Century Bookkeeper.
  • You will be familiar with the basics of three financial reports: Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and Statements of Cash Flows.
  • You will have the skills to deliver first-class financial reports from cleanly organized data, rather than messy spreadsheets.
  • You will have the knowledge required to guide your clients toward a brighter financial future.
  • You will understand how to implement Bookkeeper Launch’s meticulous system for “cleaning up” client books, even through the toughest messes.

How is the program organized?

It comes with three main categories as well as a section called power units for you to complete at your own pace:

Category 1

Category 1 covers the basics of becoming a bookkeeper in addition to plenty of tips and tricks to help streamline and organize the process.

Bookkeeper Launch category 1

Category 2

Category 2 helps to orient students with marketing, sales, and pricing, as well as how to build a successful online bookkeeping brand.

Bookkeeper Launch category 2

Category 3

Category 3 helps you to put this information together and create a well-oiled system that is sustainable and works for both you and your bookkeeping clients.

Bookkeeper Launch category 3

Power Units

Power Units offer additional skills that don’t fit into the above categories, including how to do your income taxes, design organized spreadsheets, use email outreach, connect with referral partners, prospect new clients, and niche down to a specific group of people you’d like to serve.

There’s also a nifty 7-day plan to launch your business, set up your tax information, set up bank accounts, and get any permits or licenses you’ll need.

This can be very challenging for the beginner bookkeeper to do on their own, so this guidance is invaluable.

You can view the entire syllabus here.

Bookkeeper Launch Power Units

The program also offers a community of like-minded professionals who are available to answer questions and support each other throughout the learning process.

With lifetime access to this peer group, most students feel continually supported long after the course has been completed.

You can download the full program syllabus for a deeper dive into the content and resources provided in this course.

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How Much Does Bookkeeper Launch Cost?

Let’s talk pricing! There are three tiers to the Bookkeeper Launch program: Pro, Premier, and Team.

Most students will get everything they need from the Pro plan. But if you opt for the Premier plan, you’ll get 8 additional coaching sessions and the opportunity to be held accountable by a mentor.

The team plan is best for those starting an agency who want to onboard several people at once as bookkeepers. It also provides access to a few additional pieces of training.

Here is the current pricing for the program:

Bookkeeper Launch pricing

View all plans here.

Bookkeeper Launch Pro Vs Premier: Which is Best for You?

The best choice for you will come down to your budget and your needs as a student. Buying the Premier program has built-in accountability, access to coaching, and an ability to express any concerns or questions to real-time staff.

However, if you don’t want to pay the price tag for this version of the course, you could always facilitate your own coaching group or mastermind by connecting with other like-minded budding bookkeepers in the Facebook group.

Both programs are designed to help you launch your own bookkeeping business and ultimately become a successful 21st Century Bookkeeper. So whatever version you choose, give it 100% and you’ll get immense value out of the coursework.

Is There a Refund Policy?

According to the company’s terms & conditions page, there is a one-time 30-day warranty guarantee. No matter the reason, you can get a refund on the program within this time period. This warranty also extends to other courses offered by Bookkeeper.

To further relieve the worries of potential buyers, if you use the program for a full 12 months and don’t earn at least $4000 from your new bookkeeping business, Bookkeeper Launch has your back.

If you contact them exactly one year after signing up, they’ll provide a Course Correction Plan which will help you get back on track and troubleshoot any issues holding you back from profits.

If you still haven’t reached $4000 in 90 days after the Course Correction Program, the company will buy your bookkeeping business from you for $4000.

View the Bookkeeper Launch Syllabus

So, Is Bookkeeper Launch Worth It?

If you’re looking to sharpen your bookkeeping skills and build a business, then Bookkeeper Launch is absolutely worth it.

This course provides the resources and tools needed to become an expert in the field while also giving entrepreneurs like you the opportunity to start a work-from-home business with ease.

Pros of Bookkeeper Launch

  • Expertly taught by a Certified Public Accountant, Ben Robinson, with two decades of experience.
  • Awarded an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Comprehensive course curriculum.
  • Lifetime access with future updates, absolutely free!
  • Affordable payment plans are included.

Cons of Bookkeeper Launch

  • Costly, but still cheaper than other options.
  • The self-paced course requires strong self-motivation.
  • Lengthy courses could take up to 90 days to complete.

How Profitable Is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is one of the most lucrative and in-demand freelance positions out there. According to ZipRecruiter, Bookkeepers earn an average annual salary of $56,673 per year.

In addition to salaries, many bookkeepers also charge hourly rates for their services. This means that if you are able to secure enough clients and manage your time efficiently, you could potentially make over $75/hr as a freelance bookkeeper.

Here is a happy customer who shared how they had just received their Certificate of Completion:

Bookkeeper Launch certificate of completion

Image source: Public Facebook page post

Is There a Bookkeeper Launch Coupon Code?

If you keep an eye on the Bookkeeper Launch homepage, you’ll likely find discounts, promo codes, and other offers that can help you save on the cost of the program.

As a bonus, many of these deals also include additional bonuses such as one-on-one coaching sessions or access to exclusive content.

The public Facebook group is also a great place to get notified of any upcoming discounts and deals.

You can save hundreds of dollars on this course by keeping an eye out for good deals and timing your purchase with a discount.

Final Thoughts

After careful inspection, we can say with confidence that Bookkeeper Launch looks to be well worth it for those looking to start their own bookkeeping business.

With its powerful suite of educational modules, Bookkeeper Launch has enabled thousands to make their bookkeeping dreams a reality.

From high-paying clientele to six-figure annual earnings, this platform is revolutionizing the industry – and the lives of countless budding entrepreneurs.

But the only way you’ll learn if the platform works for you is by giving it a try. Get started today and see if Bookkeeper Launch is the right fit for you. I recommend you sign up to their email list via their website, and you’ll start receiving emails from Ben right away.

One of these should contain a link to the free introductory classes presented by Ben to will give you a (very!) detailed insight into the program, the team’s mission, what you will get as a member of the Bookkeeper family, and a lot more.

Go to the website to get started!

View the Bookkeeper Launch Syllabus

Now, have you tried this program? We’d love to hear your feedback. Let us know in the comments!