Full Bullion Shark Review for 2023 – Legit or Scam?

Started in just 2014, Bullion Shark has already become a leading precious metals dealer in the US. They’ve gained the attention of numerous customers with their wide variety of products and super-fast shipping.

bullion shark website homepageFrom ancient rare coins to numismatic coins – they sell everything. But are they actually as good as they claim to be? Is there a chance that they’re a scam?

In this Bullion Shark review, I will take you through everything that you have to know about the company. You’ll get to know about their products, the pros/cons, and if they’re worth it or not.

So, let’s get started.

What is Bullion Shark?

Bullion Shark is a family-owned business founded back in 2014. They specialize in selling gold, silver bars, numismatic coins, and other rare coins. Nicholas Adamo started the venture, and within a span of seven years, Bullion Shark has become one of the top providers of modern and classic rare coins in the US.

Bullion Shark claims that they have a variety of different precious metals and other coins. From modern rare coins to simple gold coins – they trade everything.

Apart from the wide range of bullion coins, the company also has a retail outlet, an eBay store, and a fully-functional website. But that’s not it all; what makes them one of the best online shops is that they also provide different services apart from the usual product trading.

They have specialist staff who can cater to every need of their clients.

How Does Bullion Shark Work?

Bullion Shark provides you with a large array of precious metals and other gold/silver bars both online and offline. They have an eBay store, but you can also go to the Bullion Shark website and look for the product of your choice.

The company is a tad bit different from its competitors in the sense that they offer different services alongside rare coins like collector sets and shipwreck coins. Instead of pure bullion, they focus on collectibles and rare precious metals.

Bullion Shark also works with precious metals IRAs. While their collectible coins aren’t suitable for self-directed IRAs, they can help their client throughout the IRA procedure and make it hassle-free for them.

According to the company, the collectible coins they sell have a high potential of growing over time. They seem to be downplaying the investment risks, but they have a firm belief that at some point, collectibles will be worth way more than bullion coins.

Bullion Shark has a very simple and user-friendly way of dealing with its clients. If you opt for their service, you’ll have to create a Bullion Shark account with your e-mail address, password, and username on their website.

Once that’s done, you can roam around the Bullion Shark website and look for the precious metals you’re looking for. If you’ve decided to finally pick a product of your choice, then you need to pay for it via PayPal, debit card, or credit card and then wait for the shipment to arrive.

If you have any queries regarding numismatics pricing, price drop, or anything related to precious metals – they can assist you with it.

Bullion Shark Services and Products

I’ve divided the features of Bullion Shark into two parts – Products and Services. Here’s a look into the wide range of products they offer:


Classic rare coins: Includes ancient rare coins and similar precious metal artifacts

Modern rare coins: These are coins from the 20th century and beyond that

Numismatic coins: Collectible coins that can even date back to ancient times

Bullion coins: Includes coins made from different metals but in bullion

Bullion bars: Gold, Silver, or Copper bullion bars

Metals: Includes precious metals like platinum, Gold, Silver, and Copper brands


  • Online orders for Precious Metals

In a more transparent market, major brands thrive with superb pricing and excellent customer service. When it comes to Bullion Shark, they’re also considered a top brand, and online business with them is very secure and safe.

If you’ve decided to buy bullion from them, then you should know that their payment procedure is quite simple too. They also have the ‘free download’ option for their Android app, where you can follow their bullion auctions.

Their website comes with a catalog containing a wide range of numismatics and bullion to choose from. Moreover, if you order more than $99, you won’t have to pay any shipping costs.

  • Gold and Silver IRA

While Bullion Shark can’t offer you a lot of gold IRA products, they sure can help you out with organizing and setting precious metals in the IRA profile. The company has experts and specialists who can assist you with any issue in every possible way.

  • Free Appraisals

Bullion Shark offers free appraisals of gold/silver coins, bullion bars, and many other products. After going through some consumer experiences and written reviews, we can come to the conclusion that this is one of their best features.

If you happen to have pre-owned metals, they can appraise them for you. Doesn’t matter where you bought them from or what the cost was – they won’t ask any questions and simply give you the free appraisal that you deserve.

Is Bullion Shark Safe?

Let’s put it this way – Bullion Shark might sound sketchy because they deal in numismatic pieces, and it’s true that you can find many companies who deal with coins to be a scam.

However, customer experiences and reviews contribute to the fact that they’re a legit business. Bullion Shark has many positive reviews, and the BBB (Better Business Bureau) gave them an A+ rating back in 2017.

On top of that, Facebook Business has dozens of reviews about them – most of which are 5-star reviews. There are a few negative reviews regarding their customer service being unresponsive, but apart from that, safety is never an issue with them.

Overall, based on the many reviews from customers, Bullion Shark is quite a safe place to buy bullion from.

Bullion Shark Pros

  • Comes with a wide variety of coins and bullion
  • Offers some of the finest precious metal products
  • Gives a full refund if there’s anything wrong with the product
  • Boasts a high rating on BBB
  • Free appraisals for any pre-owned precious metal

Bullion Shark Cons

  • Lack of response from customer service
  • Didn’t provide a lot of clear-cut information on their website

Bullion Shark Alternatives and Competitors

Here, we’ll discuss their alternatives.

SD Bullionsd bullion logo

Bullion Shark’s pricing is definitely a negative aspect, as many people believe the prices of their collectibles are way more than their actual cost. This is one aspect where SD Bullion is miles ahead of all the other companies – low pricing.

If you have a budget constraint but still want to go for full-range precious metals, SD Bullion is your pick. That being said, the cancellation fee of this very company is a bit too much.

They don’t have as many products as Bullion Shark too. While SD Bullion offers services and has free shipping, we’d say it’s on par with Bullion Shark.

APMEX – (Read my review)apmex logo

APMEX is basically the biggest precious metals trader in the whole world. They’ve achieved this over the course of two decades and now have at least 10,000 products ready in their stock. The company comes with a 7-day return policy, which is similar to Bullion Shark’s refund policy.

They have very good customer service and have mostly positive reviews about their business altogether. That being said, Bullion Shark has a faster shipping process and relatively lower price than APMEX. If we consider the reviews about them – we’d have to say that as a bigger brand, APMEX is a better pick than Bullion Shark.

Bullion Shark Pricing and Payment Procedure

Based on independent reviews of Bullion Shark, it seems some of their products are overpriced. If that’s an issue for you, I’d recommend shopping around for cheaper alternatives if you can.

As far as buying items from their website, you can simply visit their website, pick a product and proceed to pay via bank order, debit/credit card, PayPal, and Bank checks. The company offers free shipping if your order total exceeds $99.

Bullion Shark Customer Reviews

If we consider BBB’s own review, then we’ll have to say that the customer response has been quite satisfactory. However, that’s only one side of the coin.

Judging by reviews on other third-party websites, we can see that the customer feedback has been nowhere near as good as it’s portrayed on their website. Bullion Shark might have a decent amount of products, but their customer service is a letdown according to many former customers.

The worst part about their customer service is that they don’t respond much to the complaints. While many people praise them for the massive collection of precious metals and fast delivery – the customer service still leaves a question mark in their overall service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take Bullion Shark to send a product?

For orders below $50, it takes 5 business days (without tracking), more or less from the day it was shipped. If you’ve ordered more than that and less than $500, then it should take anywhere between 3-5 business days, depending on the location.

It’s also tracked via USPS, and you can get updates on your product. Orders more than $500 take 1-3 business days and can also be tracked through USPS.

  • How to keep track of my orders in Bullion Shark?

Bullion Shark will notify you through e-mail when the order has been shipped by the company. For products above $50, customers get to track them via USPS.

  • Are Bullion Shark’s gold coins authentic?

Yes, most of their coins, from collectible rare ones to simple gold bullion, are certified by NGC and PCGS. They have both non-graded and graded coins, and there aren’t any complaints regarding their authenticity. The company also gives you a money-back guarantee if you can prove that the coins aren’t authentic.

Is Bullion Shark Worth it?

If we consider the classic rarities and the strong mix of gold, silver, and other precious metal coins, Bullion Shark does seem worth it.

However, the complaints about this company from customers might change your mind. After all, you plan to purchase precious metals – they’re expensive and shouldn’t be wasted on companies who aren’t trustworthy enough, no?

Now, as you can see from our Bullion Shark review, this company does have some decent features. The massive number of collectibles, positive reviews, and lack of complaints on the BBB website do point towards some positivity.

On top of that, the company is constantly trying to improve. If you’re thinking about doing business with Bullion Shark, hopefully this review helped you in making an informed decision!