Full COIN App Review: Legit Way to Earn Crypto?

If you want to earn digital assets safely and a little bit every day, then the COIN app will be right up your alley!

The app is based on geomining – a safe way to make cryptocurrency by providing geospatial locations to the XYO network.

From my full COIN app review, you can get started with geomining and decide whether it’s the right fit for earning crypto.

It takes little to no effort to generate a good number of coins daily. You can exchange them for popular cryptocurrencies such as Ether and Bitcoin later on.

There are several ways to earn on the COIN app and increase your rewards – all while playing mini-games and helping out your fellow geominers. Have a look!

What is the COIN App for Geomining?

coin app user screenshotBefore you invest your time and money in COIN, it’s good to know what geomining can bring to the table.

Geomining adds locations in the physical space to a blockchain and authenticates the present information.

Courier companies can substantially reduce chargeback frauds and delivery failures by incorporating XYO blockchain.

On the other hand, you get to safeguard your privacy because nobody can use your digital ID. Carriers will now be able to redirect once a parcel is in transit, which can help on plenty of occasions!

To build such a secure network, COIN was created as the first decentralized blockchain app powered by cutting-edge geospatial technology. COIN users generate and authenticate these locations as they travel and, in return, receive XYO tokens.

The earnings on the basic plan are minimal, but they’re 12X greater with an XYO Sentinel.

Who is the COIN App for?

COIN is for anyone who has entry-level knowledge on geomining and owns a crypto wallet. A big part of using COIN is taking different routes and adding unmined locations to the network.

It requires a bit of traveling to earn rewards, and there is a lower return on geomining someone else’s quadtile.

A quadtile is a unit in the digital world overlaying the real world map. Your earnings depend on the number of quadtiles you can generate, provided that other geominers follow up and authenticate the entries.

Because you have to add new territories to generate significant earnings, COIN is suitable for rideshare drivers, truck drivers, delivery drivers, and people with a long commute.

How Does the COIN App Work?

The application has a simple layout and keeps you in the loop about your daily earnings. To make sense of the app, I am describing how COIN works in a step-by-step guide. Make sure to keep reading.

Step 1: Download the COIN App

COIN allows you to collect reward tokens everywhere you visit with your phone. Download the official COIN app on your Android or iOS device. It’s a small application and won’t eat up your battery much.

Step 2:  Turn on Location Services

Before you can start mining, you have to enable location services on your phone. The app relies on your whereabouts to replicate the locations in the digital world.

You can run the app on a cell data connection or Wi-Fi. After you allow location permissions, COIN will remind you to press the button on your SentinelX.

It emits an exclusive signal and brings about more XYO tokens than usual.

Step 3: Set Up Your COIN Account

To create an account with COIN, you only need to use an email address, an ERC-20 wallet, a shipping address, and then select your COIN basic vs paid subscription.

Don’t worry, it’s still possible to geomine and find rewards without a COIN account.

I recommend creating one because this way, your digital currencies are saved under an email address. From there, if you uninstall or get a new phone, you won’t lose any progress!

Step 4: Earn XYO Tokens

To earn assets in the digital world, find a pickaxe icon at the bottom of your screen. Click the button and start your journey.

A blue ring will show around the pickaxe as you cover distances. As I mentioned, these are quadtiles, and they generate rewards.

The number of tokens you can make strictly depends on your subscription plan, SentinelX Rewards, GeoClaim Shield, and Bonus.

Step 5: Continue Geomining

Now that you’ve gotten the lay of the land, move forward in the digital world and earn coins. Often, there will be quadtiles that were mined by other geominers.

Those blocks will be shaded, and you still can make coins – just not as much as a fresh tile.

Alternatively, you can opt for their top-tier paid plan to maximize your earnings.

There are special opportunities hidden inside the digital world of the XYO COIN. Sometimes, earning crypto will be a team lift, so it pays off to bring your friends and family along.

Is the COIN App Worth It?

The goal of the COIN app is to revolutionize e-commerce deliveries by decentralizing location networks. The data is valuable to improving local data, making deliveries, tracking packages, and even verifying a business.

So, COIN is definitely in a lot of demand. Launched back in 2019 by the XYO foundation, the platform currently has over a million users. You can share COIN referrals and get free boosts on your daily achievements!

With each subscription, COIN introduces exciting new ways to gamify everyday activities and increase the rewards. One thing I didn’t like about COIN is that you have to make at least 10,00,000 tokens to be able to redeem them.

COIN App Features

The app has four main categories – Achieve, Explore, Socialize, and Power Ups. Under this section, there are several tasks and bonuses that can amount to a large reward at the end of the month.

For example, you can activate Team Lift and take your geomining speed up a notch. It’s when Premium users mine near one another to grab increased rewards, and each tile is worth 10% more.

Geoclaim Shield

When you geomine a fresh tile and activate the Shield, the subsequent users will only make a portion of your earnings. This feature encourages miners to explore new territories.

Geo Claim Bonus

It’s a power-up that increases the number of tokens you earn through geomining. After getting a big Geo Claim Bonus, I sold off all my coins for Bitcoin and started again.


It allows you to drop digital assets on a particular tile so that they can be picked up by other users. You can do email-specific drops to your friends and family and encourage them to join.

Auto Explore

Keep your COIN app on the Auto Explore mode to do something that needs your undivided attention. Remember that COIN generates more rewards when it’s running in the foreground.

HODL Rewards

You can compare this feature to interest rates. The longer you keep the COIN tokens, the greater they will increase in value.

Background Recharge

The rewards take time to replenish. With Background Recharge, you can speed up the process. You can also increase the time to earn tokens for rewarded tasks over a longer period.

Maximize Rewards

You need to have an extension device, either SentinelX BLE or SentinelX NFC, to reap more rewards on COIN.

Only a Master subscription allows 12x Geomining Rewards with or without SentinelX.

  • SentinelX BLE

To level up your geomining speed, you can purchase a SentinelX BLE device, the official Bluetooth device by XYO.

It offers hands-free rewards boost within a generous 150-foot range. It comes in a keychain-ready design and has long battery life.

First, your COIN app will ask for Bluetooth permissions on a pop-up screen. Activate SentinelX from the app to collect 12x Rewards and enviable boosts.

  • SentinelX NFC

SentinelX NFC is among the extension devices supported by COIN. It’s a slim card that works on Near Field Communications.

You can add the NFC card from the Extensions page on your app. Tap Scan Device and take the NFC card closer to your phone’s camera.

Once activated, your screen will read SentinelX Bonus Active. It’s pretty straightforward to hook COIN’s extension devices with the app and start earning 12x more at 12x speed!

Extra Activitiesways to earn with COIN app

Apart from rewarded tasks and various gaming systems, these are five sure-shot ways to earn crypto on COIN:

  • Engaging Surveys
  • Business Verifications
  • Rewarded Play
  • Store Visits
  • Product Scans

Is the COIN App Safe?

The COIN app is 100% safe. It’s partnered with XYO foundation and uses reliable open-source technology. The app helps detect location spoofing by letting its users geomine in exchange for rewards.

Also, the data is collected anonymously and supplied to the XYO open-source network. The company was featured on Forbes and ESPN and had growing popularity among new and old miners.

Because geominers anonymously authenticate location data and other credentials, the results are vetted by the entries of other users.

Until each data block is verified, your earnings are saved as temporary coin rewards, not the ones you can exchange for digital assets.

Therefore, there’s no room for error in COIN. Geominers can’t engage in fraudulent activities because other users are on their tail.

Plans and Pricing

If you don’t move around much, your earnings from COIN won’t be enough to call it a side hustle. COIN has multiple subscription plans for geominers looking to earn rewards, the first one being completely free!

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the different COIN plans.

COIN Pro ($34.95/month)

A pro subscription of COIN is priced at $34.95 a month. It offers 3x Geomining Speed, 3x Geomining Recharge, 12x Geomining Rewards, 3x likelihood of Big Geomines, and a 3x Background Rewards Boost.

You also get 3x Bonus Drop Power, 3x Additional Geomining Rewards, and Geoclaim Shield and Bonus. It’s the best deal for people interested in earning crypto fast.

Not to mention, it’s the closest to the Master subscription and doesn’t require a special invite to join.

COIN Plus ($24.95/month)

In comparison with COIN Pro, COIN Plus has a limited number of features. But it’s still better than COIN Lite and comes with a three-day free trial.

You get to play most location-based games and excavate exciting items that boost your geomining speed. COIN is full of surprises and is a great app.

I personally don’t find the COIN Lite ($7.99/month) worthy because if you pay a few more bucks, you can bring in more rewards for the same effort.

COIN Master ($99.95/month)

I personally haven’t tried the Master subscription because it’s an invite-only plan available to select COIN users. It’s a subscription that has an array of boosts and power-ups.

  • 12x Geomining Speed
  • 12x Geomining Rewards
  • 12x Recharge Rate
  • 6x Extra Big Geomines
  • 6x Additional Geomining Rewards
  • 6x Background Rewards
  • 6x Bonus Drop Power
  • 2x Geoclaim Shield
  • Remote Geodrop
  • Remote Geoclaim

To qualify for the Master subscription, you need to have six months of COIN Pro, and these three badges:

  • Geominer Badge – for excavating 100K+ Geomines
  • Big Geomine Witness Badge – for coming across 1k+ Big Geomines
  • Influencer Badge – for referring 10+ new users

How to Redeem COIN Tokens?

You can’t redeem rewards on COIN whenever you want. The app has a strict policy about redeem and exchange.Redeem tokens in COIN app

On the bright side, they offer BTC, ETH, and XYO at a satisfying exchange rate.

COIN calculates the rate by taking the average of the last week’s average price, the previous day’s price, and the highest of the current price.

XYO may also offer real world items such as Bluetooth speakers from name brands and tech products in exchange for your coins.

However, the process is time-consuming because their “Customer Obsession Team” manually assesses each request.

This is how you can redeem your digital assets on the COIN app:

  • You own a COIN account
  • The account must be two weeks old
  • You have mined 10,00,000 tokens
  • You have a digital wallet that can receive XYO/BTC/ETH tokens
  • Haven’t requested a redeem in the past two weeks

What’s New with COIN in 2022?

Recently, COIN launched an experimental feature called Business Verifications for geominers in La Jolla and Manhattan.

It pays a generous COIN reward to verify points of interest (POI) regarding a business, such as its location, open hours, product scans, and image.

You can earn 550 coins by providing a phone number and a valid website address.

Each location verification wins 500 coins, so you can redeem the points much faster. The first valid entry of a new business is worth 750 coins as we speak.

Keep playing to inch closer to a Master subscription. When XYO opens the program to more regions, which is soon, you can have a head start!

Bottom Line

If you want to shoot your shot and try geomining for the first time, COIN is an excellent app to get you started. As you can tell from my full COIN app review, my experience with the app has been smooth-sailing for the most part.

Except for the super-high subscription fees, other features of COIN are fun and challenging. It’s time for you to rule the digital world with COIN!

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