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CourseCraft Review – Is it Any Good?

Have you ever thought about converting your knowledge into an online course? CourseCraft enables you to do that for a wide audience. In this article, we give you the full rundown on this tool for creating online courses. We explain how to create a course on CourseCraft, the pros, the cons, and everything you can expect if you decide to create an account on the platform.

What is CourseCraft?CourseCraft website homepage

So, what is CourseCraft? CourseCraft is a simple tool for developing, creating, and selling their online course, or e-course. The platform provides people with a way to assemble a professional, easy-to-follow course.

The creator can strictly focus on the content, while CourseCraft arranges everything else. The platform also houses the content and processes all transactions related to your sales.

How to Create and Sell a Course on CourseCraft

Before you can create a course, you need to select a pricing tier to sign up for. You can register for CourseCraft for free, with no credit card information required. We will go into more specifics on the other plans in the pricing section, but the free option gives you the ability to play around with the interface and test out if it is the right platform for you.


Once you select a plan, you will be taken to a dashboard, where you click the “Create New Course” button. You will then be asked to input a title and cover photo. You can change these options at any time in the future, so you do not need to spend too much time deciding on these aspects. You officially created your course, but you need to put in a few other pieces of information.

  • Title – the best titles are concise and easy to remember, and you do not need to talk about the entire course in the title
  • Short description – a short blurb of 1-2 sentences of what people can expect by enrolling in your course
  • Enrollment – the default toggle will be set to “closed” because it is not done yet, but you can flip it to “open” when you are ready
  • Cover photo – a quality cover photo should be pleasing to the eye and simple, and you could even add text within the logo to make it more popping

Adding Lessons

Lessons are an excellent tool to help break up your course content. You can call them sections, modules, or lessons, but you should make sure each lesson’s titles help make the course more organized. To add a lesson, make sure you click “edit” on the left toolbar, and then “create lesson.”

A pop-up will appear, which is where you give this lesson a name. Below the title box, CourseCraft also gives you the option to assign it to a group. Doing this step will place a header at the top of the group and visually separate the lessons. Creating groups is not required, but it could help you separate your lesson groups by week, month, or other topics.

Utilizing the Lesson Editor

The fun part is adding content and using the lesson editor. You can navigate to the “edit” button on the left and then click within the lesson. There are ten different sections you can add to the lesson:

  • Headings – allow you to break the text up and make it easier to digest
  • Text – you can make it italic, bold, and add links or quotes
  • Images – the accepted image types are jpg, gif, and png
  • Columns – can arrange two columns side-by-side
  • Videos – the maximum size to upload is 1.25 GB
  • Download – you can place files throughout your course that participants can download
  • Form – can utilize to create a survey or quiz
  • HTML/Embed – allows you to paste an embed code from a different site or add your HTML
  • Audio – accepted file formats are m4a and mp3
  • Upsell – you can create an add-on and then use this feature to sell more products from inside your course

Publishing and Selling the Course

When you go to publish your course, there are four different settings:

  • Manually – allows you to post your lessons whenever you want
  • Specific date – enables you to pick a date in the future for your course to get published automatically
  • Time after enrollment – enables you to post your course on a set number of days or weeks after your participants have enrolled
  • Free sample lesson – allows you to publish only for people who leave their name and email, which will enable you to follow up with them in the future

CourseCraft Features

CourseCraft builds in a variety of helpful features for you to enjoy. You can maximize the value of these different features through all the pricing plans. 

Intuitive and Flexible Editor

It gives you all the text and media tools to set up the content of your course. You can create as many lessons as you want, and then upload the videos, pictures, and files to the course.

PayPal or Stripe Connection

Getting paid on CourseCraft is a straightforward process. It only takes a couple of clicks to connect your PayPal or Stripe account, enabling you to collect payments when someone enrolls in your course. You also have the option to combine both payment options simultaneously.

Lessons Scheduling

Lessons scheduling allows you to plan your classes and save time. You can arrange the publication date to a specific time on the future or deliver lessons automatically after people have enrolled.

Simple Integration

Much like the payment method connection, it is easy to connect your course to your website or blog. You can embed codes within the website to make it easy for your customers or readers to enroll in your course.

Add-Ons and Collaborators

If you want to sell extra optional add-ons to your course, you can do so through easy integration. You can implement hours of training or downloadable files. The platform also enables you to work together with colleagues and friends within the course. They can help you edit or build lessons to create the ultimate course.

CourseCraft Pricing

There are three CourseCraft pricing options: Free, Club, and Society. The free plan gets your course creation process started, but it limits you at 100 participants per course. It also gives you up to 60 minutes of video and up to 2 GB in file uploads for each course. Any limitations within the free pricing package are unlimited in the other two. Here is a quick breakdown of all three pricing plans and what they offer:

CourseCraft pricing plans compared

CourseCraft Review: Pros and Cons

As you decide whether to invest in CourseCraft or not, it is essential to look at both the platform’s positives and negatives. Here is a quick summary of what you can expect.


  • Flexibility and ease of use – the control panel is intuitive, and you receive excellent customer service
  • Aesthetics – the editor allows you to make beautiful, professional-looking pages to help you better sell your course
  • The platform houses all your media, including PDFs, audio files, images, and downloads
  • Easy integration with your website or blog
  • Simple and straightforward signup process and you can even do it for free


  • The premium version of CourseCraft is more costly than other competitors
  • You can expect occasional software inconveniences, which causes the site to run slower

CourseCraft Testimonials

It is important to note what the customers of CourseCraft are saying. Here are some of the top CourseCraft reviews from those who have used the site:

CourseCraft user review

CourseCraft user review 2

CourseCraft Alternatives

If CourseCraft is not for you, here are a few other alternatives that you can explore:

  • Thinkific – a company with over 36,000 course creators and 100 employees, which was founded in 2012
  • Teachable – an all-in-one provider that also helps you sell and create courses online, and it handles everything from payment processing to web hosting
  • Podia – another online platform that not only lets you create courses and digital downloads, but it also allows you to sell memberships

You can also check out my list of the 17+ best online course platforms, in which I compare all the top course-building platforms against each other. I’m sure you’ll find one that suits your specific needs on that list.


As you can see, CourseCraft offers a comprehensive platform that allows you to create a personalized course easily. You can convert your passion and knowledge into income by sharing your findings with the world. CourseCraft enables you to do this professionally, and you can try it out for yourself by creating a free account.

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