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GoldCo vs. Augusta Precious Metals – Side by Side Comparison

Investing in gold is one of the smartest and safest ways of protecting your wealth against the likes of recessions, inflation, and market failures. A very efficient process of investing in gold is through an IRA (Individual Retirement Account). This is where gold IRA companies like GoldCo and Augusta Precious Metals come in.

They are two of the best gold IRA companies in the world, and they can help you liquefy your gold assets in the simplest possible way.

But before we go for a GoldCo vs. Augusta Precious Metals comparison, you should know that an ideal gold individual retirement accounts company should have the resources, experience, and expertise to ensure that your gold investing experience is a stress-free one.

That being said, time to compare between these two gold IRA giants!

GoldCo: Best Value for Money

GoldCo is mostly famous for its inclusive pricing. The gold investment company focuses on people with widely different incomes, budgets, and expectations.

It’s well-known for its low minimum investment, which is only $25,000 to start with. Apart from that, its excellent customer service and full transparency in every deal make them a perfect option for new investors and experienced investors for gold IRA investments.

GoldCo is a private organization and gold IRA provider that mainly works with standard IRA accounts, shifting assets, etc. The best thing about this company is that its IRA experts will assist the investor in every step of the IRA process and make the whole precious metals purchase system very simple and stress-free.

Different investors and collectors are provided the IRA service through gold/silver coins, gold bullions alongside additional benefits like wealth management and asset protection.

Their share repurchase program and Precious Metals guide will help you thoroughly if you’re a beginner in this business. Overall, GoldCo is a reputable gold IRA company when it comes to gold IRA rollover and precious metals IRAs.

Visit GoldCo


Augusta Precious Metals: Best Overall Choice

The most commendable feature of Augusta Precious Metals is that ever since its beginning in 2012, the company hasn’t had a single complaint regarding its service. As a matter of fact, their top-notch customer service and competitive pricing have made them a genuine option for all sorts of investors in such a short time.

Augusta is considered the best gold IRA company, according to many satisfied customers.

Augusta Precious Metals focuses on the details of every IRA deal and tends to simplify the whole process for its customers. Their account-lifetime support is recommended by famous people like Joe Montana and almost all their users.

Ever since its birth, the company has provided different educational opportunities related to IRA to its clients. Augusta has so far got excellent ratings from the National Ethics Association, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Google Business, and many more.

They’re experts in precious metal IRAs and are a great place to buy gold bullion alongside gold and silver products.

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Comparison Table

One of the most dependable and honest IRA companies out thereThey don’t have any BBB or BCA complaints ever since they started
You need to sign up for the company and create an account before you can start doing business hereArranges one-on-one web conferences to clarify the market situation and educate the clients


No hidden fines or costs or further investments requiredDecent and fully transparent pricing includes up to 10 years of fee waived
Low bar of minimum investmentRequires a minimum of $50,000 as investment
Around two decades of working experienceComes with an ‘account lifetime support’ for all their customers

Main Features of GoldCo

goldco free kit homepageGoldco was founded back in 2006 and has been serving its customers ever since. They’re a private gold IRA company whose goal is to protect their client’s retirement funds through gold IRAs backed by precious metals.

Inclusive Pricing

GoldCo focuses on helping its clients throughout the steps of creating and investing in IRAs. The precious metals IRA company also provides investors and collectors with gold bullion and other precious metals.

They have a decent buyback plan, and the best thing about them is their low minimum investment amount of $25,000. When it comes to precious metal or gold coins, very few come close to GoldCo.

Fast and Efficient Service

Once you’re done buying assets in precious metal coins, all that’s left for you to do is to find a custodian. GoldCo will arrange this as they’ll find you a suitable and responsible gold IRA custodian.

GoldCo will help you choose the specific gold products you prefer to invest in once the funds are there. The company has links with different gold dealers and mints, so they can manage custom-made gold bars for you if you want, apart from the usual gold bullion or gold coins.

Transparency Regarding Fees

The total fee of GoldCo varies, depending on how much you’re investing and who your custodian is. They’ll be very transparent about the fees, and you can be assured that there won’t be any hidden fees.


Over time, GoldCo has received quite high ratings from experts and customers. The BBB and BCA both rate the company pretty high, so they’re considered one of the best gold individual retirement account companies.


  • Comes with nearly two decades of experience
  • No fines or additional investments necessary to start the IRA account
  • It doesn’t have any hidden or additional fee – you get what you pay for
  • Very competitive and reasonable pricing
  • Relatively low bar of investment


  • It doesn’t have any direct selling system

For more details on this company, read my full GoldCo review!

Main Features of Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta was founded back in 2012, and they’re considered a unique IRA companies in the precious metals industry. This is because they haven’t had a single complaint regarding their gold IRA services and traditional IRA services since they began!

From the one-on-one web conferences with Harvard-trained economists to their excellent customer care service, Augusta is an example among the IRA service providers.

Educative System

They focus on educating their customers throughout the process of IRA investments. Interestingly enough, unlike other gold IRA companies, they don’t talk business straight away. Instead, they’ll educate you about the whereabouts of IRA so that you can be absolutely sure about your investment.

From whereabouts of gold IRA companies, precious metals, and their prices to basic business consumer alliance – they’ll help you out with everything.

High Ratings and Zero Complaints

Their secret to success is focusing on the clients and helping them in every way possible. The company has an excellent rating in BCA and BBB, but that’s not all. Augusta is highly praised on Facebook, Google, TrustLink, and many other social media sites.

Four Separate Departments for Efficient Service

The company has four different departments, each of which is solely dedicated to giving you the best service ever. Their team members include official economic analysts, customer success agents, and a super-efficient processing team that will help you throughout the process of choosing precious metals.

You can choose to go for gold IRAs or gold bullion coins with them. They’re highly reliable as they sell IRS-approved coins, so you can safely purchase gold from them using your retirement savings.

Once you choose to take their service, you’ll get a personal agent who will be by your side as long as the account exists. If you’re all set to create an IRA account, their staff will be handling almost all the paperwork – all you have to do is provide them with the necessary information.

When it comes to business consumer alliance, there aren’t many gold investment companies better than them.

Wide Range of Precious Metals

Once the paperwork is done, you’ll be sent to the order desk, where they will help you choose from a wide variety of physical, precious metals like platinum, palladium, gold, and silver.

They tend to provide you with physical gold and silver bullion and coins. Their no-commission sales will ensure that you won’t be conned or manipulated by their own staff in any manner.


  • Doesn’t have any BCA or BBB complaints since 2012
  • Arranges educational conferences taken by Harvard economists for their customers
  • Up to 10 years of waivers for different fees
  • They provide an “account lifetime support” for all their clients
  • No-commission sales make it safer for customers to invest
  • Quite transparent and straightforward pricing


  • The minimum amount for the IRA is $50,000

For more details about this company, read my full Augusta Precious Metals review!

GoldCo vs. Augusta Precious Metals – Feature-by-Feature Comparison

Before we go for the final verdict and reveal which one is better between GoldCo and Augusta, you need to know on what basis we made the comparison.

Reputation and Customer Reviews

It’s a business, after all, and no business can survive without customers. This is why we took the customer reviews very seriously while comparing the two companies.

We went through hundreds of different reviews about GoldCo and Augusta and then decided which one was better according to the customers. Apart from that, recommendations from experts in this field were also considered.

Now, reputation comes from ratings and different reviews. We have gone through most of the ratings given to these two companies by critics and customers.

Fortunately, both of them earned an average of 4.8 – 5 stars in most of their reviews. What’s even more amazing is that both GoldCo and Augusta got AAA ratings from BCA and A+ ratings from BBB. The ratings and reviews confirm that they’re both very qualified and decent choices.

Winner: Tie


We focused on which company makes it easier for customers to open a Gold IRA account. While it might seem easy to open an account, it’s not so simple, and you need guidance throughout the sign-in process.

Luckily, both the Gold IRA providers offer a few simple and easy steps to open an account. All you have to do is get their online form or if you’re too busy – call them for direct assistance.

Winner: Tie

Overall Costs

The costs of their services depend on the type of business you’re planning to do with them. Their pricing can vary depending on the reason. So, we decided to focus more on their necessary fees and see which one is cheaper.

As it appeared, GoldCo offers better prices than Augusta regarding the mandatory fees. Augusta, on the other hand, provides different waivers to their customers. However, both of them have competitive pricing structures. Discounts and waivers are subjected to different circumstances, though.

Winner: Tie


This is where Augusta takes an edge over GoldCo. All of their products have a no-commission cap, which makes it much safer for the customers.

A top IRA providing company needs to be transparent about this specific matter. While both of them are quite direct about markup costs and commissions, Augusta simply doesn’t take any commissions through their sales.

Winner: Augusta Precious Metals

Setup and Storage Fees

Yes, IRA providers will charge you a setup fee to be paid upfront. The fee is required to open the IRA account for you without any kind of hassle. That being said, if it occurs that the purchase of metal or gold is in huge bulks, sometimes the companies waive the whole setup fee.

The storage fee rules are relatively much simpler – the more gold you have, the more storage fee you have to pay. Now you should strike a deal with these companies about a fixed amount of storage fees; otherwise, they might charge up to 5% of the overall value of the gold you’re storing.

Winner: Tie

Maintenance Fees

We’re not done with the fees just yet! The maintenance fee initially covers the administration-related expenses. Such expenses include the necessary paperwork, account maintenance, etc.

In general, big investors pay a high amount of money as administration charges. The fees usually range from $50 to $300 and are sometimes added to the storage fees.

What we liked about both GoldCo and Augusta is that they’re both quite transparent about all these fees. They want their clients to be well aware of each penny they pay for the IRA service. In general, shady and less authentic IRA providers will hide these fees – so you better stay away from them!

Winner: Tie


When it comes to precious metals – it’s always the more, the merrier! So yes, it goes without saying that a customer is more bound to go to an IRA company if they have more products.

Augusta takes the edge here, as they have a wide variety of IRS-approved gold, silver, and platinum metals. GoldCo also has a vast reserve of gold as bullion, but Augusta is relatively more resourceful when it comes to variety.

Both the companies will assign an expert to consider your preferences and help you buy precious metal bars and coins. The thing that’s safe about both companies is that you’ll be buying IRS-approved bullion coins and bars – not the numismatic coins.

This makes the whole investment much safer and builds a sense of faith amongst customers.

Winner: Augusta Precious Metals


Yes, buybacks are essential. There are several occasions where an emergency occurs, and you need to sell the bullion for liquid cash. While many companies do not allow it or make the buyback process very complicated, GoldCo and Augusta are very lenient towards this.

They have a transparent and straightforward fee structure regarding buybacks. If you want to unload the silver/gold before your retirement, they’re the best option you’ve got.

That being said, there will always be a 10% penalty imposed by IRS if you want to liquidate the fund before retirement.

Winner: Tie

Final Verdict

While it’s true that both of them are top gold IRA companies and are very reliable in both the precious metals market and in creating gold ira accounts – we’ll have to select a winner.

Our GoldCo vs. Augusta Precious Metals comparison shows that Augusta Precious Metals clearly has the edge over GoldCo.

While GoldCo is a cheaper and simpler option, you simply can’t ignore Augusta and its premium service. So, if you have $50,000 to invest in gold – we’d say take the service from Augusta- the best gold IRA company, without a second thought! Best of luck with your investment!

Visit Augusta Precious Metals


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