Full IncNow (Agents and Corporations, Inc) Review

IncNow is a family-run, registered agent service provider for limited liability companies. The company has been providing its services for almost 50 years now, making it one of the most established in its field.

With their experience and quality of work, they seem to far outshine their competitors. For this reason, customers of IncNow are always assured of the quality of service they can look forward to.

How Does IncNow Work?incnow homepage

You may be wondering how one organization can provide you with so many services, and we have just the answers you’re looking for.

When a corporate entity is a party in legal action, such as a lawsuit or summon, or has to deal with tax matters or progress reports, a registered agent steps in to receive service of process on your behalf.

IncNow provides you with these trained professionals who can make impossible tasks possible. In addition, they make themselves readily available to those seeking their services. Due to their coordination and cooperation, most customers recount their experience with IncNow as commendable and memorable. They went as far as to say that they treat their clients more like family.

What Services Does IncNow Offer?

IncNow provides a wide range of services, related to providing registered agents who can help manage a LLC. Here’s a list of their services:

Converting your business into a LLC

Several advantages come with converting your business into a limited liability company. IncNow can help you take on that journey. The conversion would separate your personal assets from those of your business so that you are protected from financial risks. Your business assets would then fall into the trained hands of a registered agent, provided by IncNow, who can not only help protect them but also grow them.

You won’t have to limit the number of shares, types of shares you would like to create, or who can own these shares as a LLC. This will also help you avoid double taxation that often follows corporations, but a LLC is safe from this. You can take all of your profits from your business without having to pay taxes for them or income taxes.

IncNow can help you attain a higher net worth through these methods.

Draft an Operating Agreement

IncNow will help you draft a 20-page operating agreement. This agreement includes important details about your LLC – details of how it would operate, rules and regulations that will need to be followed, the business route you wish to take, and more. But you don’t need to worry about doing it yourself; because a Registered Agent from IncNow will draft and deliver these documents to you when they’re final and ready to sign!

Handle All Of Your Paperwork

The best part about hiring a Registered Agent from IncNow is that they will take one of the biggest burdens of running a business off your shoulders: the paperwork. Whether this is your mail, legal documents, taxation papers, official notices, government correspondence, or anything else you can think of, they’ve got it covered.

Not only will your Registered Agent be there to receive your paperwork during business hours, but they also have the knowledge and expertise on how to deal with all the paperwork that comes in. You will no longer have to worry about deciphering legal jargon or calculating your taxes because that is now the job of your reliable Registered Agent from IncNow.

Help You With The Articles of Organization

The Articles of Organization are essential for the formation of a limited liability company. However, they are complex and often difficult for a layperson to create on their own. IncNow will not just draft these forms on your behalf but also file them with the state so that you won’t have to sweat it!

Keep Your Address Off Public Logs

Gone are the days when you had to put your address down for your businesses. With IncNow and a Registered Agent, you will no longer need to put your address on public logs because your Registered Agent’s address will be listed.

Now, this may sound a little confusing at first. But it’s simple: since the Registered Agent will be handling all your paperwork, it is their address that will be listed. This will ensure that you do not need to be home or in your office during business hours checking mails. Instead, you can go about your day conducting meetings that can further boost your business and leave tedious tasks for IncNow to handle.

Ensure The Copyrighting Of Your Brand Name

The name of your brand is its identity, much like your name is. This is why you must secure your brand name before anyone else does, and one way to do that is by copyrighting it. This will restrict other people from using your brand name for their business or products, making your brand name unique and official.

The Registered Agents at IncNow will take care of this process by first searching whether your brand name has already been copyrighted by someone else or used by anyone else through their official business database. If they find that a brand already exists by the name you have chosen, they can help you find a way to alter it and make it your own to avoid any copyright claims from rival businesses.

Make Sure You Never Miss Deadlines

Once you subscribe to IncNow’s services, it is your Registered Agent’s responsibility to keep track of any and all deadlines that you need to meet. Whether these are vendor payments, annual fees, project proposals, expansion plans, etc.

It’s practically impossible to accidently default or miss a deadline when you have experts like the Registered Agents of IncNow at your service! Your Registered Agent will organize everything in an orderly and timely fashion to ensure you don’t meet any bumps on your journey to success.

IncNow Registered Agents also provide their services via email – making the process of your important information reaching you even faster, safer, and more efficient.

Spend One Year, Hassle Free

When working with a Registered Agent from IncNow, you can rest assured that for one year, they will be at your service and 10 steps ahead of you when it comes to matters regarding your business. All you need to do is ensure that renew your payment every year so that you can always have a loyal agent by your side that’s not only guiding you through but also helping you prosper.

What Makes IncNow Better (or Worse) than Competitors?

Before you take your final pick, it’s important to know the various options that you have when it comes to Registered Agent providers. IncNow is just one of the many giants in the industry but each of them comes with their own plus points.

Why IncNow Is Better Than Competitors

  • IncNow is better than its competitors because the organization considers customers its number one priority; positive feedback is regarded as the greatest reward among teams, unlike some other LLC services whose agents are highly difficult to reach.
  • There are no hidden costs when it comes to obtaining LLC services from IncNow’s Registered Agent, unlike most of their competition.
  • IncNow has some of the lowest rates available anywhere with rates as low as $9! This doesn’t come anywhere near their competitors such as LegalZoom who charge upwards of $99.
  • They are one of the most experienced in their field, having been in business since 1974 and even having Pinterest as a client.
  • IncNow wants to ensure that their services are not just easy to access but also to easy to understand. The same cannot be said for certain competitors who do not have user-friendly interfaces.

Potential Disadvantages of IncNow

Not all is sunshine and rainbows when it comes to the world of LLC services. It is important to know potential disadvantages that you may be faced with when relying on IncNow to be your Registered Agent provider.

  • You may be limited when entrusting IncNow LLC as they only offer their services in the state of Delaware. If you’re a business looking to expand to Delaware then they will be at your service.
  • Their services are not cheap. While their basic package might be only $9, their top-tier packages cost an upward of $300 which almost defeats the purpose of their low-starting prices. IncFile on the other hand has services that they offer for FREE.
  • You will not be attaining as wide an array of services. Unfortunately, there are other LLC services out there such as ZenBusiness that provide more services, in many more areas, at much lower costs than IncNow.
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User Reviews of IncNow

Now that you know of the pros and cons of IncNow, it is important to also have insight into what their customers have to say. User reviews can tell you a lot about the realities of an organization because some people just don’t hold back!

Most customers of IncNow appreciate how much they value their time. IncNow understands that customer satisfaction should be their number one priority which is why they respond promptly not just to their clients but also to people who are interested in their services. Equal treatment that spans across a customer base is guaranteed with IncNow.

All instructions, guidance and service are provided concisely and clearly to ensure there is no confusion in the minds of the client. IncNow values open communication with those who seek their help because it’s not just their job to handle your paperwork, but also to help you learn and grow in your journey of running a business.

The biggest plus point, according to reviewers is the reliability and trustworthiness of IncNow’s services. They have never failed to provide what they promise to do; and that is to provide the best registered agents and services. You won’t find yourself anxiously hoping they’re doing their jobs because the work ethic and drive of all IncNow employees is outstanding.

IncNow’s services have been applauded for being some of the most affordable and accessible. They understand that running a business, startup or company can itself cost a hefty buck and they have no intentions on running up your bill. Doing business is no longer a luxury that only the elite can afford because everyone deserves to make a name for themselves and IncNow can help you make it possible.

Professionalism is an unspoken guarantee when it comes to IncNow and their employees. You won’t have to be on edge or hovering like a hawk when trusting IncNow. Forget the days when work would be needlessly delayed or you had to deal with rude agents because IncNow believes it is their responsibility to lift the weight off of your shoulders, rather than add to it.

FAQs About IncNow

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about IncNow (click to expand):

Is IncNow a reliable service?

Yes. IncNow has been praised by customers, businesses, and even competitors for being one of the most reliable service providers on the market.

Can a Non-U.S. person or corporation form a corporation or LLC with IncNow?

Yes. If a non-US citizen wants to form a LLC with IncNow, they can. As long as they intend for their business to be based in Delaware, and there are no other technical requirements.

Why Should I Incorporate or Form an LLC in Delaware with IncNow?

Delaware LLCs have some advantages over LLCs formed in other states. The legal and tax environment are the primary benefits of Delaware compared to other states. There are several other advantages that you can read about on IncNow’s blog here. IncNow specifically incorporates businesses in Delaware, so if you want to start a Delaware LLC then your best option for an LLC service is IncNow.

Do I Need an LLC Bank Account?

It is important to separate yourself from your business entity. This is because in the case of a lawsuit or liability, you wouldn’t want to pay out of your own pocket. IncNow can help you set up a separate bank account for your LLC.

What packages does IncNow offer?

IncNow offers 3 packages:

  1. Basic LLC – This package starts at only $9 and includes:
    • a Delaware Certificate of Formation
    • Processing Fee
    • First Year Registered Agent Service
  1. Complete LLC – This package starts at only $68 and includes:
    • a Delaware Certificate of Formation
    • Processing Fee
    • First Year Registered Agent Service
    • A 20 page LLC Operating Agreement
  1. Now LLC – This package starts at only $199 and includes: a Delaware Certificate of Formation
    • Processing Fee
    • First Year Registered Agent Service
    • A 20 page LLC Operating Agreement
    • 1 Business Day Turnaround
    • Email Document Delivery

Does IncNow offer a mail forwarding service?

Yes, IncNow does indeed offer a mail forwarding service to its customers who purchase their LLC package.

Can you use IncNow to incorporate in other states?

Unfortunately, IncNow does not offer its services outside of the state of Delaware.

What is IncNow’s Customer Service Phone Number and Email?

You can contact IncNow at their number: (302) 575-0877 and 1-800-759-2248 or on their email: agents@incnow.com
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Final Thoughts and Recommendation

Although IncNow is a fantastic option if you are looking to form a Delaware LLC, it’s not for everyone. We recommend going with ZenBusiness if you’re incorporating in any state other than Delaware.

We put together a video showing how to create an LLC with ZenBusiness in less than 12 minutes, and you can watch it below:


Now that you know more about IncNow, you can choose for yourself. Regardless of whether you pick IncNow for the provision of services, we are happy to have been of service to you in your decision-making process.

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