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Is CashCrate a Scam? Honest Review [Updated 2019]

CashCrate is a GPT (“get paid to”) website that offers several ways to earn money online.

There are many reviews and complaints about it online, some claiming it’s a scam, and others calling it 100% legit and safe.

In this post, I’ll be reviewing CashCrate in detail. Hopefully, my review will help you decide whether or not it’s a site you’d like to join.

CashCrate Review

CashCrate home page


Owners: Patrick Clochesy & Joe Coleman

Price: Free

Rating: 74/100

How Does CashCrate Work?

CashCrate users can take surveys, complete paid offers, play games, and more – each of these tasks pay a few cents to a dollar. CashCrate has been around since 2006, paying out over $3,000,000 to its more than five million members. As you can see, the average amount earned per member is less than a dollar. That statistic alone essentially sums up my feelings about CashCrate. 😉

Although an average member earns less than one dollar, there are plenty of members who have earned thousands of dollars on CashCrate. So, the potential is there if you spend a lot of time filling out surveys and doing offers. However, I would recommend spending your time doing more productive things instead – like affiliate marketing.

The Signup Process

When I clicked the “register” button, I was excited to see that I only had to provide my email and a password:

CashCrate sign up page

But after submitting that information, I was hit with this:

CashCrate sign up process continued

Unfortunately, this is a common trait among GPT sites.

You have to provide an uncomfortable amount of personal information.

It’s not too worrisome though, because they will only use your address in order to send you the cash you may earn in the future. So yes, your information is safe.

The only time that information might not be safe is when you hand it out to third-parties when you’re doing a paid offer (which I highly recommend against).

Ways to Make Money with CashCrate

Below I’ve compiled a list of all the different ways you can earn money with CashCrate. As you’ll see, some are more lucrative than others:

1. Confirm Your Email Address + Take Profile Survey

Take a profile survey for an extra 50 cents

By confirming your email address after you join, you’ll get $1 free. You can also complete a quick “profile survey” which asks for a little more information about you. Doing this will earn you an additional $0.50.

2. Take Surveys

List of CashCrate surveys

This is one of the main ways to earn money on CashCrate. There are multiple surveys available at any given time, so running out of surveys to take is highly unlikely. You should be aware that paid surveys are not a reliable way to earn money. Oftentimes you’ll disqualify from a survey because your demographic wasn’t what they were looking for. In my experience, disqualifying is actually a lot more common than being able to finish a survey, which is just another reason why I think surveys are a huge waste of time.

Typically, surveys pay in the $0.25 to $2 range, and the payout depends on the length of the survey. Therefore, a 5-minute survey is likely to pay a minimal amount, while an hour-long survey may pay a couple dollars.

3. Complete Offers

CashCrate Paid offers

These are where you can get paid to sign up to an email list, create an account on another website, or even pay for a product. In return, CashCrate will award you with a little pocket change.

Paid offers are definitely the quickest way to earn money on CashCrate, although they are the riskiest as well.

There are many complaints from people who have done offers that require your phone number or email address (almost every offer requires at least one of these two things) that you’ll end up with lots of spam calls or emails.

Offers that require your credit card info are also quite risky. Most of these are free trials, and your card won’t be charged as long as you remember to cancel the trial. But if you forget, there’s nothing you can do about it.

I only ever do offers that I have a genuine interest in, and ones that only require minimal information – such as just my email address. I created a dedicated spam email for these types of things, so my main one stays spam-free.

In general, free-trial offers that require your credit card info pay the highest, even up into the $10+ range. So, if you’re good at remembering to cancel free trials and you don’t mind giving out this information, this is a very fast way to make money with CashCrate.

On the other hand, offers that only require your email address pay just pennies.

4. Watch Videos

This section allows you to watch videos for cash. The payout is terrible though; amounting to less than a dollar per hour.

Also, this section is only available to members from the United States.

5. Shop and Get Cashback

CashCrate offers a list of stores – such as Walmart and Macy’s – to shop from, and when you purchase something you’ll get a percentage cash back.

From what I saw, the cash back percentage was in the less than 5% bracket for the most part, although there were a few offering up to 9% back.

6. Paid to Check In

Each day, you can check-in, which simply means clicking a link that takes you to an offer or survey within CashCrate.

You’ll be paid 3 cents each time you check-in, and no, you don’t have to complete the offer or survey you’re taken to.

7. Refer Others to CashCrate

This is where the real juice – or pocket change in this case – lies.

The referral system is two levels, causing some people to call it an MLM.

However, since it’s only two levels deep, it doesn’t go all the way to the top and therefore cannot be considered a real MLM.

You will earn 20% of everything your direct referrals earn, and 10% of everything their referrals earn.

However, that’s just for the first level. In all, there are 5 levels you can achieve: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Elite.

Below are explanations for each of the 5 levels:

CashCrate referral levels

CashCrate referral levels 2

A Point System Offers Even More Ways to Earn

CashCrate is the first GPT site I’ve come across that uses two separate currencies. One is regular US dollars, and the other is a “points” system.

Points can be earned by completing certain offers, surveys or videos.

They can also be earned by playing simple games, like Solitaire. These activities will only pay out a few points each, so it really takes a long time before you can accumulate enough to do much with.

How do You Use Points?

There are a couple options when it comes to redeeming your points.

One is by playing a game called “Crates”. This game is based on pure luck though, so I would recommend against playing it. Below are a couple screenshots of the game and how it works:

Crates game instructions

Crates game

The other way points can be used is by redeeming them for prizes like Amazon, Starbucks, and iTunes gift cards.

As you can see in the image below, it takes a LOT of points to redeem a prize though.

CashCrate Prize Shop

How Much Can You Earn with CashCrate?

If you’ve read through this far, you’ll have a pretty good idea of how much you can expect to earn.

Basically, it comes down to how active you are and what tasks you complete.

Technically, you could earn $50 in your first day as a member, but that would only be possible through completing free trial offers, or getting a massive number of referrals.

By spending only a few minutes per day on CashCrate doing low-risk (low-paying) offers and surveys, I wouldn’t expect to make much more than a few dollars a month.

How Does CashCrate Pay?

The first payment is made by check, but after that other options like PayPal and direct deposit become available.

One neat feature is a “payment wall”, which shows images of checks or PayPal emails people have received from CashCrate as payment proof.

CashCrate Payment Wall

Is There a Minimum Payout Threshold?

Yes, you need to have at least $20 before you can cash out. This is pretty high for most GPT sites, and is one of CashCrates’ MAJOR cons.

CashCrate Complaints

As I said in the introductory paragraph, CashCrate has accumulated numerous complaints over the years. Most of them are listed below:

Takes forever to reach $20

Most people aren’t willing to complete the high-ticket offers because of the credit card information required. That leaves people with very limited earning potential, meaning it could take several months before you have enough to cash out.

You’ll disqualify from most surveys

In my experience, it’s the rare survey you’ll actually qualify for. I tried three, but wasn’t a match for a single one of them. This is because the companies conducting these surveys are looking for a very specific demographic and if you’re not a match, you won’t be able to participate.

If you’re not careful, you’ll get spam phone calls and emails

Before completing any offer that requires your email or phone number, be sure to read the privacy policy or terms of service they provide. That way, you’ll be warned of any possible consequences ahead of time and will be able to determine whether it’s an offer worth completing or not.

Only one account allowed per household

This is a common thread among all GPT sites. Only one member of a household may access the site, in order to guard against fraud. So yeah, make sure you don’t refer your family members.

Your account will be terminated after 90 days of inactivity

Make sure to stay active at least once every three months if you like CashCrate!

The 3-cent check-in only works on certain days

According to several complaints, the check-in does not always work every day. Apparently CashCrate is experiencing technical issues in regards to this.

CashCrate Pros vs. Cons


  • 100% free
  • Easy way to earn a little pocket change online
  • Available outside of the United States
  • Extremely lucrative referral system for a GPT site


  • You’ll receive loads of spam if you’re not very careful
  • High payout threshold
  • It’s the rare survey you’ll qualify for
  • The pay is not worth your time

Final Thoughts

CashCrate is a legitimate GPT website with multiple ways to earn money. You can’t become rich from it or anything, but if you can rack up a good number of referrals, the income potential is actually pretty good.

I know of several people making over $500/month from referrals alone.

If you plan to join CashCrate, just keep in mind the complaints I’ve listed in this review. I would highly advise that you play it safe and only do offers you have a genuine interest in, and whenever you feel iffy about providing certain personal information, just skip that activity.

There are some other (much better) ways to make money online without handing over nearly as much personal information, and the earning potential is far greater as well.

I’m talking about affiliate marketing, specifically.

Affiliate marketing is what I do, and although it’s hard and time consuming initially, it’s easily possible to earn a full-time income from it within a year.

If this is something you’re interested in learning more about, feel free to check out this post I wrote about it.

Have you ever used CashCrate? Do you feel it’s a scam or legit? Feel free to leave a comment below, and if you have any questions, I’d love to help out!

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I only recommend products or services that I believe to be legitimate and beneficial to my readers. When you sign up for CashCrate through any of the links provided, I will receive compensation.

6 thoughts on “Is CashCrate a Scam? Honest Review [Updated 2019]”

  1. Cassandra Michelle Bradley

    Total scam for me. Customer service ignored me. I did everything I was Supposed to do. When I asked about the money I was told it with you extra weeks and then after that if you actually weeks went by when I asked again all the sudden my account was deleted. Total scam

  2. Be careful, in November 2016 they had a data breach.
    It is almost November 2018 and I only found out about this today, with absolutely no thanks to Cash Crate.

  3. Thanks, I’m always on the lookout for great new earning potential opportunities online, but the problem often is exactly what you’v’e mentioned here – investing a lot of time and a lot of clicking and typing for very little payout.

    Still as you point out at least Cashcrate is a legitimate earning opportunity, and doesn’t have that horrible “our secret cash generating system will make you a wall street millionaire in a few days” feel to it lol.

    Honestly I’m not going to tr this one as its not worth my time financially, but i like how it is available outside the US.

    Keep up the great work though, love all your posts!

    1. Hi Mr. Dawkins,

      Yeah, great new earning opportunities are extremely hard to come by, that’s for sure. Plus, they end up being scams just about 100% of the time. GPT sites like CashCrate are legitimate, but you can only make pocket change with them.

      That’s completely fine by me if you don’t try it out. I wouldn’t have tried it myself, except that I wanted to provide a thorough review of it for other people so they know exactly what to expect. The fact that it’s available outside the US is great news though, because most GPT sites aren’t.

      Glad to hear you love my posts. 🙂 Have a great day!

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