Is Dosh a Scam? My Honest Dosh App Review [2018]

Is Dosh a Scam? My Honest Dosh App Review [2018]

Welcome to my Dosh app review!

Dosh is a very popular app these days, and there are a lot of people making decent money with it. So, I downloaded it myself to see what all the hype was about. Let’s dive in!

  • Update 1 (5/6/18): Dosh isn’t quite as awesome as it was when I initially wrote this review. Scroll down to the complaints section to read why.
  • Update 2 (6/9/18): Dosh addressed most of the issues, and is once again highly recommended.
  • Update 3 (10/3/18): Dosh continues to expand its local offers, making it better than ever. Plus they just raised the Mobile gas cashback to 3%!
  • Update 5 (11/7/18): From now until 11/21, you get $10 for every friend you refer to Dosh who links a verified card! My code: IANH1


Dosh Review

Dosh app

Dosh is the latest cash back app to dominate the app stores (it’s available for both Android and iOS), and it’s easy to see why. Unlike most other cash back apps, you don’t need to scan receipts or do any “work”. You simply connect your credit card to Dosh, and automatically get cash back whenever you make a qualifying purchase.

Sounds great, but is Dosh safe or a scam? Since you have to link a card, there is definitely a legitimate privacy concern. I won’t make you wait: Dosh is perfectly safe to use. I’ll be covering this and more later in my review.


How Does Dosh Work?

If you do any kind of shopping, you probably know there are ways to get a small percentage of cash back on your purchases by using coupons, discount codes, and cash back apps.

The problem with these conventional methods that deters most people is the work involved. The regular run-of-the-mill coupons for like 1-5% cash back can be too much of a hassle to even bother with.

And that’s where Dosh comes in.

Dosh is essentially a “set it and forget it” application. All you have to do is sign up, link your card, and then whenever you use that card you get cash back automatically. No digging around for coupons, no scanning receipts, no hassle.

Once Dosh is installed on your phone and your first card is linked, Dosh shows a list of “offers” – nearby businesses that are partnered with Dosh. Next to each listing is the cash back percentage they offer.

If you live out in the sticks like I do, there probably won’t be many nearby offers available. If you’re in a decent-sized city however, you should have tons of options.

There are also tons of online offers available, including huge names like Walmart, Target, and Nike. So if you do a lot of shopping online, this would be a great way to cut down on some costs.

Dosh stores
Stores that work with the Dosh app

Once you’ve accrued at least $25 (doesn’t take long), you can cash out immediately.

Another thing that sets Dosh apart is the huge earning potential. You’ll see why soon.


How to Make Money with Dosh

Dosh referral earnings

Dosh is good for more than just cash back from stores. There are several other ways to earn money with Dosh, all of which can be very lucrative.


Link a card for a free $5

When you link your first card, you will immediately get $5 for free. If you use more than one card, you will want to link the others in order to get cash back for purchases you make with them. Each additional card you link will earn you an extra $1 for free.


Get cash back on hotel bookings

If you ever stay at hotels, you will definitely want Dosh. The average cash back for a hotel in New York is $106. For Memphis, the average is $205. And for Rome, the average is an astounding $1,037!

You will also receive a free $25 for your first hotel booking, on top of the cash back.


Refer your friends to Dosh

In the Dosh app, you’ll see a menu item called “Refer”. When you click this, it will display your unique referral link/code. You can send this to friends and family through SMS, email, and social media, or you can manually copy and paste it wherever you want.

When people click your link or enter your referral code, download Dosh, and link a card, you will get a referral bonus – in other words, free money!

The referral bonus is currently $10. Usually it’s $5, but Dosh has a promo going on right now which lasts until November 21, 2018.

The income potential here is quite high. Let’s say you send the link to 100 people. Even if only 20 of them sign up and link a card, you’ll earn $200! I know of some people making a lot more than this though. It’s entirely possible to make several thousand from referrals alone!

Join Dosh here and start referring your friends. Enter code IANH1


Refer Businesses to Dosh

Want to really make a lot of money? Refer a business to Dosh!

You will get 20% of the business’ Dosh fees for two years. That could be a full-time income depending on the size of the business.

In order to refer a business, you agree to some terms and conditions, and then fill out a form on the app.


How Does Dosh Pay?

Once your Dosh balance reaches $25, you can cash out by Direct Deposit or through PayPal. Although the funds may take a couple business days to transfer, it usually takes only a few minutes.

UPDATE: I just cashed out, and the funds transferred immediately:

Dosh $25 payment
Cashing out $25….


Dosh payment proof
Dosh payment proof! The funds transferred immediately.


Dosh App Complaints

Complaints in yellow were added on 5/6/18:

Updates were added on 6/9/18

Not getting cashback for online purchases

According to this article, it takes about 90 days to receive cashback for online purchases. But what’s worrisome is that some users reported that after making an online purchase, it did not show up on their Activity page in the Dosh app.


Nearby offers are few and far between

Even if you reside in a well-populated area, don’t expect loads of nearby offers

Update (10/3/18): Dosh has partnered with Exxon/Mobil, so now you can get 3% cashback for gasoline. This also means that nearby offers are a lot more ubiquitous, as most people have an Exxon/Mobil gas station nearby.


The referral bonus is difficult to get

It used to be that referring other people to Dosh was very profitable. But that was when users only had to download the app through your link and link their credit or debit card.

Now, in order for you to receive the referral bonus, your referrals also have to complete a nearby offer. Since these offers are scarce, only a tiny percentage of your referrals will do so. In fact, I have many dozens of referrals, but ever since this policy change, I have not received a single referral bonus.

Update: you can once again get the referral bonus after your referrals link a card! They don’t have to complete a nearby offer in order to get the bonus. 🙂


Linking a credit/debit card

The fact that you have to link your card to Dosh is enough for a lot of people to refuse to use it. However, Dosh is clear that they don’t store your password, credit/debit card data, or bank account information on the app or on their servers. Dosh uses bank-level, encrypted security, and all transactions made using Dosh are encrypted.

However, if you’re still uncomfortable linking your card, there are plenty of other ways to make money online. Here’s my top recommendation.


Slow customer service

Because Dosh is growing like crazy, apparently they get a lot of support tickets, and it can be difficult for them to get back to you in a timely manner. Generally, you can expect a response within several business days.


Is Dosh a Scam? Final Thoughts….

With millions of downloads and a 4.5 star rating on the Google Play store, Dosh is definitely a legitimate and safe cash back app. Dosh is working hard to address any issues with the app and is improving all the time.

I downloaded Dosh, linked a card, and have cashed out numerous times and have had no trouble. It’s by far the best cash back app I know of, and the referral bonuses are crazy high!

I highly recommend this app – it’s a great way to earn a little extra income, just by living life like normal.

And if you download Dosh with my link below, you will get a free $5 bonus after linking a card!


If you are interested in other ways to get cashback for your purchases, definitely look into Ebates and Paribus. Both are highly recommended.

Thanks for reading my Dosh review! Have you ever used Dosh? What do you think of it? Feel free to leave a comment below, and if you have any questions, I’d love to help out!

Dosh Bonus

42 thoughts on “Is Dosh a Scam? My Honest Dosh App Review [2018]

  1. Dosh is the worst app ever. $25.00 is a high threshold to reach. Terrible Terrible. I had my friend sign up and there are no places available in her area and she lives by B-more.

  2. What I have to say is ever since I’ve had Dosh I haven’t collected one penny. I use it according to the directions at eligible restaurants and locations on very numerous occasions. I can’t even contact them because they have no contact information. Needless to say I’m not satisfied

  3. Another thing to think about – what if you want to stop using it?

    I deleted the app a month ago and confirmed with Dosh several times that they had deleted my account were no longer tracking my credit card. Then today I got an email from Dosh that I’d earned credit for a purchase – that I made today.

    I would not recommend using Dosh if you don’t want them to track your credit card forever, without your consent.

    • Hi Beth,

      That’s disturbing…thanks for reporting that! It should be an easy fix on Dosh’s part, I would think? But nonetheless, did you contact Dosh about this specifically? I linked to their contact page in a reply to a comment above.

      Hope this gets sorted out!

  4. I’ve used Dish a lot, and was happy to see the bump up to 8% at Sams this weekend, BUT, when I went to check out, I couldn’t do it as credit! I always do so I can get the normally 2%. It made me check out as debit, so no cash back!! Very annoyed!

  5. This app is horrible I use the stores in the app and I have yet to receive my cash back and it’s been over 90 days it also doesn’t show in activity I feel really cheated and it’s ridiculous

  6. Dish is not letting any one of my friends and family to created an account. It says, “The Number must be an American Number”… What does that mean? This sucks..

  7. How do I get the hotel credit? Do I need to “activate” an offer? Or can I go on, for instance, Marriotts website and book a hotel and the cash will automatically be credited to my account?

  8. I’m trying to delete my account but I’m not able to, do you know how to do that?….I also tried to contact their support team to help me with the issue but the link always takes me to FAQs, is there a way around this?

  9. I am sure this will be deleted, but the same question was asked of Solavei when Ryan Wuerch and his sister started up that company, collected millions from their WFH types, and then went belly up after raking in tons of cash. Now they’ve got DOSH, and is it safe people ask? That depends if you trust the Wuerches. People said the same thing before Solavei was big, and of course everyone at Solavei was told to hush the rumors and say they weren’t true. Then 3 years later it all came true, and boom, now they’ve got a new deal to collect your money from. If you honestly believe this propaganda, then you deserve to lose your money to them.

    • Hello,

      There’s a big difference between Solavei and Dosh besides the fact that their business models are unrelated. Big enough that I’m not at all concerned (but we’ll see what happens, I guess!)

      With Solavei, people had to pay for the service. But with Dosh, it’s 100% free. Solavei was described as borderline MLM, whereas Dosh simply has a single-level referral program.

      Interpret it as you like, but it’s clear to me Dosh is very different from Solavei and as far as I’m aware, does not pose a risk to users.

      Is there anything about Dosh specifically that gives you pause besides the fact it was founded by Ryan Wuerch?

  10. An excerpt from today’s email when I inquired about why I haven’r been receiving my Mobil Cash Back:

    the Exxon Mobil offer has been discontinued as of 08/04/18. We hope to have the Exxon Mobil offer in our feed again sometime in the near future.

  11. I have been using dosh since the beginning of summer and was able to quickly earn $16 from exxon alone but then they took away exxon, for a month I waited and was so happy exxon came back but as I go there almost daily I noticed I received credit for my first transaction, but each day used after I have no received my 3% back.. my account is stuck at $17.. at this rate I’m just pissed, never received a referral credit after I know and watched 3 ppl use my referral link and link their own cards, I doubt I’ll ever get to $25 min to redeem, sucks

    • I had to wait quite awhile too for the Exxon offer to credit. I wouldn’t give up yet. As for your referrals, I’m not sure what’s going on there…If you go into the app and look at “Pending Referrals” on the Refer page, is there a notice that says “Pending cash back transaction”? Sometimes even with a linked card, Dosh can’t verify it’s legit and therefore only gives the bonus once a purchase is made with it.

  12. Not accurate! I have referred 3 people over the past week and I have verified with all three that they have not only linked a card, but have used in to get cash back already. Yet I still haven’t received any referral compensation. They all three still show as “pending cash back transaction.” Their advertisement clearly states that the newly referred user only needs to link a card, not make a transation. I’m beginning to believe Dosh is a scam and has some underlying purpose.

    • That doesn’t sound right. I can verify that I am receiving the bonus after referrals link a card; I would get in touch with Dosh directly about this. Something must be amiss with your account.

      • Well, it’s right. I’ve only had a couple referrals work upon card linking. The rest, a no-go. It’s pretty clear to me that they are not following through. It clearly states bonus awarded upon referral card linking. It does not say pending cash back transaction, which I noticed in your article above you having the same issue before. So, I don’t think it is far fetched to believe that Dosh just doesn’t want to distribute bonuses to existing users as long as they get new users. Oh, and I’ve had a ticket open for days with them reporting this. Of course, no response. I’m sorry, but I call scam on this one!

        • That really is disappointing! I’ve never had any issues like that, so I’m not sure there’s anything I can do to help. I wouldn’t give up though – I had a ticket open with them for over a week before they got back to me, so you might still get this resolved. Hope it works out!!

          • Very dissapoiting indeed, but no worries. Thank you for the hope, but I’m moving on. Too many other good apps out there. I’m not wasting time on one that doesn’t care for it’s users and has some questionable business practices.

  13. It is stating on my pending referrals that one of them is pending cash back transaction and it is only saying that for that one referral? Not the other one I just received the money from. Why would it require her to make a in store transaction but the other referral I had it did not require her to do that in order for me to get my money?

    • It could depend on the circumstances. Several months back, you only got money from referrals if they made a purchase. So if you referred her during that time period, the only way to get the referral bonus is for her to make an in-store transaction.

      Otherwise, the only other feasible explanation would be that Dosh can’t verify the card she linked until a purchase is made with it. Who knows if this is the case, just a guess.

  14. I referred 4 people and hit transfer to my bank account and still haven’t received any money. I think this is a scam. Super disappointing

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