Is SendEarnings Legit or a Scam? My Honest Review

Welcome to my SendEarnings review!

I have personally tried this site, and researched it extensively.

While it’s not a scam, there are definitely some concerns you should be aware of.

What Is SendEarnings?

SendEarnings is a GPT (“Get Paid To”) website that pays its members to complete various tasks such as surveys, offers, receiving emails, and more.

SendEarnings has been around since 2000, but was acquired by CotterWeb Enterprises Inc. (owner of InboxDollars, InboxPounds, and DailyRewards) in 2005.

In this review, I’ll be explaining how the site works, the earning methods available, and whether it’s a scam or legit in my opinion. Homepage


Owners: CotterWeb Enterprises Inc.

Price: Free

Rating: 60/100

How Does SendEarnings Work?

SendEarnings pays you pennies for doing simple tasks online.

For example, you can get paid 50 cents for successfully completing a 20-minute survey, $8 by signing up for Hulu Plus, a couple cents for watching a short playlist of videos, etc.

As you can see, the earning potential is really low. But if you like earning far below minimum wage with your laptop, then you’ll love SendEarnings.

How can SendEarnings pay you for completing these tasks? Well, they have relationships with various advertisers. When you complete a paid task, SendEarnings gets paid and then shares a portion of their earnings with you.

Below is a list of ways to make money with SendEarnings:

Join & Fill Out A few Quick Surveys

SendEarnings pays you $5 just to sign up, and another $1 when you complete your General Profile Survey, a Household Survey, and an Interests Survey. Each of these surveys will take several minutes to complete.

Complete Offers

This is where you can make some quick money, but offers can also be a bit risky as well.

Offers range from signing up for various websites, to getting a free-trial with some third-party, to actually paying for a product or service.

Depending on the offer, you may get paid just a few cents, or over $10.

Before completing any offer, be sure to read its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Oftentimes, by entering your email or phone number, you are agreeing that they can bombard you with spam emails and phone calls.

If you don’t like the thought of that, it’s best to stay away from paid offers altogether.

Take Surveys

Another way to earn money with SendEarnings is by completing surveys.

The surveys usually pay 20 cents to a dollar each, but will take a while to complete. Some even take more than half an hour.

Unfortunately, you won’t qualify for many of the surveys you attempt. This is because the companies conducting the surveys either realize you’re not the demographic they were targeting, or because they found you were providing dishonest answers.

A lot of SendEarnings members have been kicked out of surveys after having spent over half an hour on them, without any compensation.

Read Emails

Paid email from SendEarnings

Reading paid emails is one of SendEarnings’ main features. However, I find the earnings to not be worth my time.

In each email, there is a link back to SendEarnings and when you click it, you’ll earn 2 cents.

Usually, you’ll be sent 2-3 paid emails per day if you are an active member.

Search the Web

SendEarnings search engine

If you use SendEarnings’ search engine to browse the web, you’ll earn a penny or two for every four searches you make. However, you are limited to earning 15 cents a day with their search engine.

Play Games

Although you won’t actually earn money with this method, you can get cash back on in-game purchases. If you don’t have an interest in any of these games, don’t play them unless you want to lose money.

Watch Videos

Watch videos on SendEarnings for a couple cents

You can earn a penny or two by watching a playlist of several videos. This feature is simply not worth it in my opinion though. I would much rather watch videos I’m actually interested in on YouTube. But, some people love this feature and use it regularly.

Get Cashback for Shopping

List of stores to get cash back with through SendEarnings

If you do a lot of shopping online, this could be a good way to earn some cash back for it.

SendEarnings offers a small percentage cashback for shopping at various online stores, such as Walmart and JCPenney.

The cashback percentage is quite small though, ranging from 1.5% to 4% depending on the store.

Save Money with Coupons

SendEarnings has hundreds of grocery coupons available, which can be printed out and used.

For each coupon you redeem, you’ll also earn 10 cents on SendEarnings. So, not only are you saving money, but you’re earning some as well.

However, you’ll need to verify your phone number before using them.

Earn Money with Referrals

You can refer others to SendEarnings, and make 10% of what they earn for life. So, for every $1 they make, you’ll earn 10 cents.

If you have a large network of friends, this would be the best way to earn money from SendEarnings.

People don’t like to be spammed though, so only promote it to others if you really believe SendEarnings is worth their time.

Listen to the Radio

SendEarnings has their own Radio, which apparently only plays music.

You can earn about 1 cent for every ten minutes of listening, but you can’t go do other things while it’s playing – you have to stay on the Radio page.

Complete “My List” Tasks

Example of My List tasks
Example of “My List” tasks

SendEarnings gives you a list of various tasks, like take a survey, do an offer, perform a search, and confirm a paid email.

When you complete every activity on the list, you’ll earn a $0.50 bonus.

SendEarnings Gold Membership

Once you receive your first check from SendEarnings, you’ll be moved up to “Gold Member” status which grants you a few additional features.

Gold Member benefits

How Much Can You Earn with SendEarnings?

Honestly, it depends on how active you are, and which tasks you complete. Technically, it’s possible to make money fast if you complete a bunch of high-paying (but risky) offers.

Many of the high-paying offers are free trials, so be sure to cancel your subscription before they charge you.

If you are a regular user and spend hours per day on SendEarnings, there’s no reason why you can’t make $20-$30 per month.

However, the pay is far below minimum wage and there are much better things to spend your time on if you want to make money online, such as doing affiliate marketing.

How Does SendEarnings Pay?

The first payment is made by check, but after that users can request a prepaid Visa card, or a SendEarnings eCard (gift card) as well.

Be sure you provide your accurate address when you sign up for SendEarnings.

If your address is inaccurate, you’ll never receive your payment and your account may be terminated.

Is there a Minimum Payout Threshold?

Yep, and it’s quite high, too. You are required to have earned a total of $30.00 before you can cash out.

This is the biggest strike against SendEarnings. Out of their millions of members, only a fraction ever reach $30.

SendEarnings Complaints

  • It takes forever to reach the $30 minimum payout threshold
  • Apparently, when you’re nearing the $30 minimum, SendEarnings will give you fewer ways to earn.
  • There is a $3 processing fee when you cash out your $30, meaning you’re actually only getting $27.
  • Some members have not been credited for completing offers. There are several things that could have gone wrong here though. Perhaps that member already completing that particular offer but through a different GPT site. They may also have a strong anti-virus that blocks the tracking software, which is what enables SendEarnings to see that you completed the offer.
  • You’ll disqualify from many surveys you attempt.
  • Only one account per household is allowed.
  • If you’re not extremely careful, you’ll receive tons of spam emails and phone calls. So, remember to always read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies of each offer you’re interested in BEFORE completing it.

SendEarnings Pros and Cons


  • It’s completely free
  • Available in most countries (although US members will have higher pay)
  • Decent referral system, with the potential to make hundreds per month if you can get a lot of people to sign up through your link
  • Many different ways to earn money


  • It’s impossible to cash out your earnings quickly, due to the $30 minimum payout threshold
  • The surveys are extremely difficult to qualify for, and are therefore a huge waste of time
  • You’ll receive tons of spam emails and phone calls if you aren’t careful about which offers you sign up for
  • Only one account allowed per household
  • Sometimes, certain offers won’t credit
  • $3 processing fee when you cash out your earnings

Final Thoughts

SendEarnings is a legitimate GPT site, but in my opinion it’s not worth your time.

It usually takes members several months to reach $30, even if they use SendEarnings on a regular basis.

The pay is way below minimum wage.

I know of a much better way to earn money online than using GPT sites like SendEarnings.

It’s called affiliate marketing, and it’s possible to earn more than a full-time income with this method. A few of the nice things about affiliate marketing are:

  • You can work from home
  • It doesn’t require a huge investment to start
  • You don’t need to sell physical products; it’s 100% internet-based
  • The potential earnings are only limited by how much work you put into it (more work = more money)
  • You get to write about your passion or interest instead of doing mindless tasks like taking surveys

If you’re interested in learning how to become an affiliate marketer, I would suggest you read my review of the #1 rated affiliate marketer training platform in the world by clicking the link at the bottom of this post.

Have you ever used SendEarnings? What do you think of it? Feel free to leave a comment below, and if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help out. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Is SendEarnings Legit or a Scam? My Honest Review”

  1. i have been with send earnings for years, i have cashed out for gift cards before but the last time when i needed just a couple of dollars to reach the 40 dollars i didn’t have any surveys or videos and when i finally reach enough and asked for a check the same day i was suppose to get approved they terminated my account due to violations of terms, which i don’t understand why because i used the same computer always. i have sent emails and 3 months later nobody has answered my emails.

    • Sorry this happened to you…did you read through their entire terms of service? There’s probably some silly rule in there that puts a time limit for cash outs, or something similar.

      This is why I like affiliate marketing. You can make a LOT more than you can from any GPT site, plus as an affiliate marketer there are millions of products you can choose to promote (and make money from). It’s just a lot more flexible and fun!


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