Is The Barefoot Writer a Scam? Here’s My Review

Is The Barefoot Writer a Scam? Here’s My Review

The Barefoot Writer, part of American Writers & Artists Inc. (or AWAI), is a subscription magazine online that claims to help people like you to become a highly-paid and sought-after writer. Their goal is to help people break free from the “starving artist” mentality, and to live the laptop lifestyle writing for cash. But is it just another scam, or is it indeed legit? Let’s dive in!


My Review of Barefoot Writer


 Barefoot Writer website homepageWebsite:

Owner: Paul Hollingshead

Price: $108/year + upsells

Rating: 36/100



What is the Barefoot Writer and How Does It Work?

The Barefoot Writer is a website and magazine that helps anyone with a passion for writing become a professional writer. The website is essentially just a sales pitch for the magazine subscription and the official Barefoot Writer’s Club, which costs $108 per year to join. Also heavily advertised is a free report on 9 Ways to Make a VERY Good Living as a Writer.

Their free report requires your email address and name before you can access it.


Barefoot Writer's free eBook


Highly recommended:

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My Experience with Barefoot Writer

Here’s my full disclosure: I am not a paying member at Barefoot Writer. However, I have dug through their free resources a bit and done a lot of research on them.

Since their report on the 9 ways to make a very good living as a writer is free, I decided to download it to uncover the secrets inside. Here’s what I found:

The report contained everything it promised. It showed 9 good ways to make money as a writer. However, all it did was explain what you’d be doing in each scenario, and then tell you how much money you could expect to make.

No guidance was given for actually getting into each line of work. That’s to be expected though. After all, it was a free resource intended to get you to sign up as a paying member of The Barefoot Writer’s Club.

Unfortunately, none of the 9 ways to make money as a writer were anything to write home about. There are MUCH better guides out there, including this one which lists 103 ways to make money as a writer. (You may want to check it out – lots of awesome ideas).


Barefoot Writer’s Club Complaints

There are a TON of Barefoot Writer complaints online, but real testimonials of people living the laptop lifestyle because of Barefoot Writer are hard to come by, and the ones that exist seem strangely fishy.

Let’s take a dive and see what people have to say about Barefoot Writer:


Reviews of Barefoot Writer

One user's positive experience with Barefoot Writer

Review and opinion of Barefoot Writer


Negative user review of Barefoot Writer


Barefoot Writer review


Barefoot Writer review

Critical review of Barefoot Writer


I don’t know about you, but I would definitely avoid this opportunity and spend my valuable time doing other things like…blogging! This works great for making money online, and is a great alternative to the Barefoot Writer. I like blogging because you don’t get a set salary, rather you can essentially decide your pay by the quantity and quality of the content you put out.

Anyway, let me try to break down the Pros and Cons of Barefoot Writer so we can visualize what they’re about a little better.


Barefoot Writer Pros vs. Cons


  • They have some okay free resources available for people who want to make money writing – however, they’re not much help if you want to know exactly how to go about doing it.
  • With their hyped-up sales video and casual claims that you can make THOUSANDS with just one article, they are quite the inspiration. (Not sure this counts as a pro? lol)



  • Too much hype and too many false claims
  • You can’t get any useful information without being a paid member which costs $108
  • Apparently, you’ll be hit with up-sells to the tune of $150 after paying the initial price.
  • They are selling the dream, and therefore getting a lot of attention from innocent people who just want to make a living writing. Why is this a con? Because there is absolutely no conclusive evidence that anyone has become successful and been able to live the dream due to Barefoot Writer.


Final Thoughts and My Recommendation

Barefoot Writer just looks like another one of those hyped-up products claiming you can easily make outlandish sums for rather simple writing tasks. Only the gifted writers can ever hope to be paid the amounts they claim anyone can earn.


Barefoot Writer hyped-up ad
Hype much? This is a screenshot of one of Barefoot Writer’s Google ads.


I would have liked to see them be a little more up-front about how exactly they operate, because as a consumer I found it a bit too confusing for my liking. Nothing was explained very well – it was mostly just vague descriptions and bold claims.

And, I just want to put this out there: if you have been, or you know of, someone who’s become a successful full-time writer because of Barefoot Writer, then PLEASE for the good of everyone with a slight interest in joining Barefoot Writer, write up a detailed explanation/case study with real FACTS explaining your story. I’m sure we’d all appreciate something like that!


Have you ever used Barefoot Writer? What are your thoughts on it? Feel free to leave a comment below, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

I’ve done a lot of research and written many reviews of different make money online opportunities, and every single time I’ve come to the conclusion that none of them outdoes my number 1 recommendation (that’s why it’s my number 1 recommendation!).

If you want to learn how to build a successful online business and work entirely from home, definitely check it out.

Tons of people have had success following the training, but here are just a few success stories from real members (click to view their whole story):

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12 thoughts on “Is The Barefoot Writer a Scam? Here’s My Review

  1. Thanks for the warning. I am sure a lot of people get taken in by sites like this one, and $49 a year doesn’t actually sound like a lot to pay out.

    However, with such a vague video and training, I don’t think they would keep their customers for more than a year anyway.

    • Yeah, $49/year doesn’t sound bad – but I’m not sure you’re getting your money’s worth based on some of the complaints. At least it’s not $250 like some sites.

      There is very little information from people who have tried the course. It’s difficult to say whether Barefoot Writer remains vague even when you’re a paying member or not.

      Have a great day Michel.

  2. In response to your statement that very little info from people who have tried the course, I just recently paid my $49. In the short amount of time that I have been able to access the information available have learned more than I ever thought I could learn about copy writing.
    Sure google searching can answer a lot of the questions, but if you don’t know what questions to ask how are you going to search and get helpful results?
    $49 is a reasonable amount to pay for the guidance and direction that someone who is completely new to the industry might need.
    I find it interesting that the person claiming to be getting treated with no regard is listed as anonymous maybe if he/she would say who they are someone from AWAI might actually look into it and make it right.
    The information and people I have seen and will soon be meeting who are members of AWAI are not the type of individuals who need to scam people for money.
    It’s such a shame that people feel it necessary to bash a company without having all the facts. I you do not understanding marketing or are not willing to put in the work that making money takes, no matter what you choose to do, just don’t, there is no reason for the negativity – isn’t there already enough in the world today?

    • Hi Kim,

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience with Barefoot Writer! I’m really glad to hear it’s working out well for you. As you have probably noticed, there are tons of negative reviews of the program online, and some positive ones as well. I think like with anything, it is the perfect fit for some people, and for others it’s not, and something else will work better. My aim with this post was to reveal my findings after a lot of research on the program, and share them with those who were unsure whether Barefoot Writer was worth the money or not. To that end, again, thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am certain many will find it helpful! Wishing you continued success! 🙂

  3. Well, Like Kim, I am giving it a go… I’ve been doing the research for the past few months trying to decide if I should purchase a program / module that has peaked my interest. And Indeed I have purchased a couple, for under $100 each, so not breaking the bank. Like AWAI has claimed, and is probably true for so many people like me, I’m in a rut at work and would love making another stream of income, eventually turning that into full time (copy writing) because I actually want to give it a go as a barefoot writer. The options that comes with is my hope as well. Hokey or not, I’m going to plug into their free webinars and get some insight to different topics, like how to get your first client(s), how to update your linkedin profile etc.

    I hope this is a little helpful. I love writing and would like, for now, another stream of income, and would like to see where it goes, if anywhere.

    I’m going to do more researching on Blog Writing as well. Thank you for the suggestion.

    My Best! Tracy

  4. first I was excited to give this a go but now I’m back on the many negative reviews..will need to give it some more thought for sure.. too bad

  5. Thanks for your post about this company. I think you are right that all they are selling is a dream and a 6 figure one. The writing is terribly long and drawn out. It’s like being honked to death with a hammer and them telling you it’s great ! I have received about 15 emails so far which I find inefficient as well as laborious. I know they copied that template 😂 . Anyway I’m unsubscribing right now and going to focus on writing. All the best

    • I have to agree. Their sales page is ridiculously long, and because of that probably doesn’t even convert well. If it is any indication as to how you’ll be learning to do copy writing, I’d steer clear – valuable copy writers can write spectacular sales copy without drawing it out so long. There are much better alternatives.

      I too unsubscribed after receiving tons of emails from them, though I continue to receive their emails in the ad section of my Gmail account….

  6. Is it not mild ironic that the most positive reviews are also the most poorly written?

    “I you do not understanding marketing”

    ” ‘Peaked’ my interest”

    ….. really?

    Enough said, I think.

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