Qmee Review – Scam or Legit Opportunity? [Updated 2019]

Welcome to my full Qmee review! My hope is that this review will provide you with all the information you’ll need before signing up.

In this review, I’ll discuss:

  • Whether or not I think Qmee is a scam
  • How to earn money with Qmee
  • The best Qmee searches to make money
  • How much you can expect to earn
  • Qmee complaints
  • Pros and cons
  • My final verdict, and why I still prefer this earning method over Qmee

Qmee Review

Qmee.com Homepage

Website: www.qmee.com

Owners: Nick Sutton & Jonathan Knight

Price: Free

Rating: 94/100

How Does Qmee Work?

Qmee is a rewards website that pays you for searching the web, taking surveys, or referring your friends.

Qmee has been around since 2012, and has a good reputation online.

Trust me, Qmee is one of the fastest ways to earn pocket change online — and I’ve tried a LOT of ways.

Is Qmee a Scam?

As you’ve probably guessed, Qmee is definitely not a scam in my opinion. It’s 100% free to join, and even after you join, there are no up-sells. It really is free through and through.

Because it’s free, it’s literally impossible to call Qmee a scam. By definition, scam means “a dishonest scheme; a fraud.”

Something that’s completely free cannot be considered a fraud.

But how can Qmee afford to pay you if it’s free?

Good question….

Qmee is in partnership with a number of companies as an affiliate. When you click their ads (which you get paid for), Qmee hopes that you will end up making a purchase so they can earn a percentage of the sale price.

Qmee also gets paid every time someone completes a survey, and shares a percentage of that with their users.

How to Make Money with Qmee

Qmee offers three ways to make money:

  • Browse the web
  • Take third-party surveys
  • Refer your friends

Browsing the web is my favorite way, because it’s passive income – I’m getting paid for something I already do.

Make Money Browsing the Web

In order to earn money for searching the web, you need to have the browser extension installed.

It’s a quick and easy process, and is the only way to get paid for searching.

Qmee only pays you for searching on certain browsers/websites, but pretty much everyone uses these so it’s not really a problem.

Qmee search rewards work on the following:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • JCPenney

How to Get Started

The signup process is very simple. All you need is an email address and password.

Like most websites, you’ll need to confirm your email account after signing up. Click here to sign up.

You can also sign up with Facebook or Twitter if you prefer.

Start Earning

Qmee ads
Qmee ads pop out in a sidebar every so often. The blue circles show how much you’ll earn for clicking each ad.

Once you’ve joined, install the browser extension and begin searching normally on any of the supported platforms I listed above.

Every once in a while, a left-hand sidebar will pop out with ads from Qmee.

When you click on one of the ads, it will take you to the advertised product, and reward you a small amount – usually around the 6-8-cent range.

To get back to the page you were initially on, just hit the back button on your browser after viewing the ad for about 30 seconds or so.

Why 30 seconds?

Qmee tracks how much time you spend viewing the advertised product. If you just click the ad, then hit the back button right away, you won’t be seeing ads all that often.

However, if you view the ad for about 30 seconds or so, Qmee knows you were “interested” and will therefore give you ads to click on more frequently – which equals more money (or should I say pennies? lol).

Qmee Searches that Pay in 2018 (in My Experience)

I’ve been using Qmee for about two years now, so I have a pretty good understanding of what types of search words result in ads.

Although there are no real Qmee cheats or hacks, you can certainly be smart about how you search. 😉

Electronics – I’ve had a lot of success with searches for various electronics. In fact, just before writing this I searched for “4k tv” on eBay and made a quick $0.10.

Any product – product-based searches are the most likely to show ads. So, searches for “apple iphone 7” or “ceiling fan” are much for likely to show Qmee ads than searches for things like “inches to centimeters conversion”.

Numbers – I have had LOTS of success with just searching a string of random numbers (limit it to 3 for the best results).

This works well because Qmee includes product numbers in their ads, so if your string of numbers matches a product number, it may trigger a Qmee ad!

I have found this works particularly well on eBay, but it works on the other sites as well.

Insurance – Google searches for things like “auto insurance” or “life insurance”, etc. tend to trigger pretty high-paying ads.

One time I searched for “auto insurance” on Google, and Qmee displayed several ads worth $0.15 each.

Qmee Search Tips

  1. DO NOT search like crazy, trying to get a Qmee ad to show. First, Qmee will catch on and decrease the chance of showing you an ad. This is because they don’t see you as a valued user, since you wouldn’t really be interested in what they advertise anyway. Second, it’s a huge waste of time (trust me, I tried it myself….) You could literally be sitting there for 2 hours performing searches, without Qmee showing you a single ad (this actually happened to me).
  2. Don’t try to game the Qmee system – just search like you normally do. Every once in a while, Qmee ads will show, which can earn you some decent pocket change each month.

Earn Money by Taking Surveys

Qmee surveys

Qmee also gives you the option to take surveys. The payout for surveys is pretty bad, usually around 50 cents for 15-25 minutes of work.

If you’re seriously in a pinch and just need a few extra dollars in your PayPal account, this could be enough to have you covered though.

However, let me warn you:

The likelihood of qualifying for every survey is slim at best.

I have tried to complete 5 surveys, but every single time I was kicked out.

Very likely, this was due to my demographic not being suitable for their purposes, or because I answered a question that disqualified me from taking the rest of the survey.

For example, if the survey was about cell phones, they first ask whether or not I own an active cell phone. If I answer “no”, then I’ll be kicked out since I won’t be able to honestly answer the rest of the questions in the survey without owning an active cell phone.

Thankfully, for the first survey I was kicked out of, Qmee was nice enough to award me 7 cents to compensate for my loss of time and effort.

But after that, I didn’t get a penny for attempting (but disqualifying from) the rest of the surveys.

7 Cent Reward
Despite disqualifying from a survey, Qmee was kind enough to reward me 7 cents for my effort.

So, take the surveys at your own discretion.

Just be aware that they could either earn you a dollar or two now and then, or be a massive time waster like they were for me.

Refer Others to Qmee for Even More Cash

The third way to make money is by referring others to Qmee.

As a member of Qmee, you have your own unique referral link which you can send to your friends. When someone signs up through your referral link, they become your referral. Once they cash out their Qmee earnings for the first time, you’ll earn $1!

The referral system is the most lucrative way to earn money with Qmee if you can get a good number of people to sign up through your link. Depending on how many people you can refer, this could earn you a pretty decent amount.


If you have social media accounts (particular Twitter), you can post your referral link for all your followers to see.

Tell them how Qmee is helping you earn a little money, and that there’s no minimum cash out amount – so they could literally see money in their PayPal account minutes after signing up.

How Much Can You Expect to Earn with Qmee?

Well, it depends on how often you search, how many surveys you complete, and how many referrals you can get.

The image below shows how much money I’ve earned with Qmee:

Total earnings from Qmee

Search Frequency

If you search the platforms compatible with Qmee many times each day, then you can easily make several dollars per month just by searching and clicking on the Qmee ads when they show up.

I mostly use Google and eBay, and I’d say I perform an average of 10-20 searches a day on both platforms combined.

Fun Fact: 

One time, over the course of just a few minutes, every single search I performed on eBay got a Qmee ad to show up. I made a total of 57 cents in under 5 minutes! It’s very rare, but extremely fun when this happens.

The Number of Surveys You Complete

Like I said earlier, the surveys don’t pay that well and the chance of qualifying for every survey is extremely slim. I tried 5, but disqualified from all of them.

However, your demographic and your geographic location is different from mine and perhaps you would qualify for enough surveys to earn some decent pocket change each month.

The Number of Referrals You Can Get

Having a lot of referrals is a good way to earn more with Qmee, since you get a dollar when your referral cashes out for the first time.

Just be aware that some referrals may never cash out, so it’s definitely not guaranteed that you’ll make a dollar per referral.

How Does Qmee Pay?

Proof of payment from Qmee
Proof of payment from Qmee

You can cash out your earnings to your PayPal account, or wait until you earn $5 to get a five-dollar gift card from Amazon, Starbucks or iTunes.

You can also donate your earnings to charity.

Is there a Minimum Payout Threshold?

No, in fact you can even cash out when you have just a penny if you so choose.

This is a major pro with Qmee.

Most sites like this have a minimum payout threshold of a few dollars at least, but with Qmee you can literally cash out as soon as you earn any money.

Qmee Complaints

It takes forever to earn anything worthwhile

This is true. However, Qmee isn’t supposed to replace your job or even earn you very much. But for a few minutes spent installing the extension and viewing the ads when they show up, you can earn some decent pocket change each month.

And if you’re really in a pinch, everything adds up.

My opinion on this is that it’s essentially free money. You don’t have to pay to be a member of Qmee – in fact, you can get paid a few dollars every few months for being a member.

Sometimes months go by without a single Qmee ad showing up

I’ve seen several complaints that Qmee ads won’t show up for months. When these people contact support, Qmee says their account looks fine and they should be getting ads regularly.

There could be two things going on here:

Either those people are lying, or they simply never perform product searches.

Remember, Qmee won’t show you ads for certain types of searches, so if you don’t search for products online, it’s likely you won’t see any Qmee ads.

Qmee collects information about your searches online

If you’re worried about privacy, Qmee might not be the best opportunity for you. But then again, if you’re worried about privacy you shouldn’t use Google either.

The reason Qmee tracks your searches is so that they can show you relevant ads.

They don’t share or sell your information, and I haven’t had a single privacy concern since I’ve been a member of Qmee.

You can only use Qmee if you’re in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia

Perhaps the biggest complaint is from those outside these four nations, since they can’t use Qmee. The company may open up to other parts of the world at some point though, so hang tight!

Qmee Pros and Cons


  • 100% Free
  • No minimum payout threshold, making Qmee one of the fastest ways to earn money online
  • An 8-cent average for each ad click, with some users reporting up to $1 for one click (my highest ever was 15 cents)
  • Oftentimes more than one ad shows up at a time, and sometimes it will let you click on multiple ads in one sitting.
  • Good referral system, with the potential to make hundreds per month
  • It’s been around for several years, and is rapidly growing
  • Qmee website is clean, and easy to navigate


  • Unreliable surveys, you never know if you’ll be disqualified when you start one
  • Only available to people in the US, UK, Canada or Australia
  • Qmee collects information about your online searches

Final Thoughts

Qmee is a legitimate way to earn a few extra bucks every so often. Unless you have a ton of referrals, Qmee is only good for earning you pocket change.

If you’re a big fan of having multiple streams of income like I am, Qmee is probably the perfect thing for you.

Again, you’ll only earn a few cents a day for searching, but hey it’s free money so why not?

I honestly haven’t had any negative experiences with Qmee, except when I was disqualified from every single survey I tried.

But now that I’m only using it to earn money for searching, and not for doing surveys, I’m very happy with it.

Although Qmee is certainly nice, it won’t earn you a full-time income online.

While there are many ways to make money online, there are only a few that are both lucrative, and work very well.

Affiliate marketing (hey, this is how Qmee makes money!) is my favorite way to make money online, for several reasons:

  1. You don’t need any inventory, since you’re promoting other people’s products
  2. All you need is a computer and an internet connection – seriously!
  3. Even complete beginners can do it with the right training (here’s what I recommend)
  4. The earning potential is truly limitless – I know some people making millions every year!

The only downside with affiliate marketing is that since it’s a real business, it takes a lot of time before you see any results. With that said, it is certainly possible to make six figures in one year if you have the proper training, focus, and put forth consistent effort.

Qmee, on the other hand, can put a few pennies in your PayPal account almost instantly. Plus, it takes virtually no work. The only difference is that you won’t quite make six figures, haha.

Have you ever used Qmee before? What do you think of it? Feel free to leave a comment below, and if you have any questions, I’d love to help out!

14 thoughts on “Qmee Review – Scam or Legit Opportunity? [Updated 2019]”

  1. don’t sign up they denied me I send the proof of Paypal recent transactions items that I paid and I talk to PayPal and they told me its something on there end because I am fully verified they are frauds

    • If you would take the time to read the description as what I means to he fully verified you would not have this problem. All you must do is link your paypal to your actual bank account. Paypal will lost 2 small deposits to your account. When the transactions go through go back to your paypal account and enter the amount posted into your bank account then your (fully) verified. Qmee is, in no way, a scam of any sort trust me. And this guy just doesnt know how to qualify himself for the surveys. You’ve git to learn what to say and what not to say. It’s a learning process. Hes mad $68 in 2 years. I’ve made $140 in 3 weeks only from surveys. Trust me, qmee is 110% legit as they’ll ever come

  2. I have signed up a couple of days ago ’cause it sounds so appealing. After all, they do provide a little extra money for doing something you otherwise do regularly anyway. Now, while I have a strong distaste for rewards websites I think I shall stick with Qmee, though I am more interested in the gift card incentives than cash. Just earned $0.45 through Paypal just to get to them and try for my first Amazon GC code here.

    That said, I am not touching their surveys, ever. In fact, it is my general policy to stay away from online surveys entirely.

  3. How does Qmee make money to “pay” people? By making cash from the personal information you gave from what little surveys you qualify for and by stealing data from your device that they sell to their sponsors like all other survey sites do. You’ll notice more junk mail after signing up, as would happen after signing up for a membership with other survey sites. Stop glamorizing the concept that it’s “free” to sign up. You have to use your data, waste time, and hand over information that should be worth more than you are receiving in return, which I’m sure they make more than you do from the information and effort made to complete the surveys. Therefore, no, it actually isn’t free and it’s no different than any other survey site that takes a year to make twenty dollars.

    • I only recommend that people use survey sites if they know the risk and are willing to spend the time and energy necessary to get a little extra shopping money.

      Some people like survey sites despite their downsides.

      And pro tip: use a throwaway email address when signing up for these sites. 🙂

  4. Hi

    I am in the UK and i find the surveys are the only way to make cash with qmee the searches tend to just give voucher codes and not cash, to get accepted you have to try and guess what the survey is about, and then adjust your answers to the screen questions to improve your chances of getting to the survey, but i have only been a member since last nov and i have managed to withdraw 60 GBP in Dec and 50 GBP in Jan all from surveys. And in the last 3 days i have completed 17 surveys.
    The surveys are not a rip off or a scam but also what you have to remember the surveys are not in the main exclusive to Qmee they will also appear on the providers own site, and also on other portals as well, so this is why sometimes you cannot get one, because its full, or been pulled because enough respondents have been gathered. If you can work at it and this means being able to sit at your computer or have your phone or tablet handy (allthough i have notices that you will not see surveys on the phone and tablet if they cannot be completed on this format), so its best to have both devices active to get the best chance of surveys, i also find the best times at least here in the UK are evenings between 17:00 and 21:00

  5. In my opinion, it’s not worth it! Some surveys will hold you up from 3 – 15 minutes without payment and just dismiss the survey after receiving a ton of good information and opinion, its as if you are being virtually robbed for your time. Plus, the amount they offer is not worth your time (0.05 – $1.00 in most cases) most are in the 0.20 cent range for 20 minutes of your time. I tried the site because of my blogger’s questions about legitimate online, work from home opportunities. This is not a good option! #RealPeople with #RealAnswers

    • Never have I ever in the entirety of my qmee history seen a survey for 20 cents for 20 minutes of time. I’ve completed 4 survey in 10 minutes and made $6 before. I dont why you people are having trouble

  6. I have been using Qmee for three months now. During those three months, I have only qualified to only two surveys and that’s it. The survey that I did do and got to the end, it was immidetaly disqualify. I truly believe that the survey is a scam and won’t pay you for it. Even using it only for search, I will get nothing in turn. They are now wanting people to take a screenshot of the surveys they have done and reported it. That right there is a big red flag to me.
    Congrats to those who are making money on here. But for me, I am deleting it and go with bing, Microsoft or Swagbucks to earn something rather than nothing at all.

    • That’s unfortunate, and I had basically the same experience with surveys. Every now and then I earn a little from searches though, so used in conjunction with the other sites you mentioned it’s actually working out fine.

  7. I’ve checked out a bunch of these types of sites, though I haven’t looked at Qmee. It seems like a similar concept to SwagBucks or InboxDollars in that yes, they are legitimate, but they’re mostly just a waste of time. Your time is better spent doing almost anything else.

    I’ve had the same experience you have with online surveys. It doesn’t matter where you take them, the payout is awful and most of the time you get disqualified for one reason or another. It’s just not worth the time.

    • It is similar to the sites you mentioned in that it won’t make you a substantial amount, but if you just use the search feature and search like you normally do, it’s not much of a time waster in my opinion.

      Yeah, surveys can be good for some people, but I’m definitely not one of those people lol. To me, they’re just a frustrating waste of time….

      Thanks for the comment Joshua!


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