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VideoScribe Review from a Professional User

This review was contributed by Ali Hamza, an expert video animator who has been using VideoScribe professionally for 3 years.

VideoScribe – a whiteboard animator – is a tremendous software program which has been under my usage for 3 years. I am pretty

VideoScribe animation software homepageconfident that I have a good grasp on this software and can give an accurate VideoScribe review.

Plus, I’ve also earnt thousands of dollars by using VideoScribe and selling my whiteboard animations on digital platforms.

How to use VideoScribe? What are the Pros and Cons of this software? What are the subscription charges? Every query is answered in this article. So, let’s begin!

What is VideoScribe?

VideoScribe is computer software (powered by SPARKOL) which enables users to create and design remarkable whiteboard animations. VideoScribe enables all users to design their whiteboard animations according to their will.

This software works on the motto of “Think & Draw”. A huge library of fonts, a variety of animated texts, and a variety of pens and hands gives you the authority to design whatever you like.

VideoScribe Features

Each aspect I am writing down is exactly how I experienced it. VideoScribe is primarily famous for its features. There are plenty of useful features.

Besides its simple interface, VideoScribe offers full hand control to its users. The animations found in this program are very easy to use and straightforward.

From my experience, making a video is very simple since everything is laid out in an intuitive manner. Utilizing the toolbar, you can include anything you desire, including pictures, voice-overs, and text.

Animation Library

The controls and options built into VideoScribe are pretty straightforward and easy to use. During our testing, we were dazzled by the ability of the product to help with pretty much every aspect of video creation. Everything is simple to utilize and to learn.

Although VideoScribe is straightforward, it doesn’t lack much and is as powerful as more expensive video and animation software.

Fonts & TextsVideoScribe text editor

While there is the option to easily add voice-overs, you can likewise add text content to your videos as well.

VideoScribe allows you to embed various text styles, with the ability to adjust font size and styling. There is a small library of textual styles you can use to help with composing your content.

You can include text by opening the window and then picking the textual style type. After the content has been added, the little window closes. So, you have a variety of options for text to include in your whiteboard animation.

There is a separate content manager as well that permits you to alter the movement, shading, and other things about the content.


The audio options are another area where this program shines. VideoScribe offers an enormous library of sounds and voice-overs. This program has more than 200 clips. These clips can be chosen and even changed to a degree. You can even pick the length of the track.

Including voice-overs is probably the simplest part of the program. There is an amplifier symbol that you will press. Next, record your voice on your PC or cell phone.

While this is a great feature, the drawback is that you can’t alter the voice-over. This means you need to get the voice-over right the first time; else, you’ll need to do it once more.

Furthermore, it is difficult to join voice-over clips.

There are ways to get around this, however. Some third-party tools will let you make an MP3 and import it into the video.

You can likewise import a downloaded track, which is exceptionally easy to do.

Rendering & ExportingVideoScribe animator

After making your whiteboard animation, VideoScribe makes it simple to export straight to Facebook, YouTube, and PowerPoint (ppt. file). The video will include a watermark.

If you have a paid subscription however, you export it to your computer or even transfer it to your website. Watermarks are not included if you have premium account.

One of the best features of VideoScribe is the option to export to PowerPoint. This is something that I have not found on any of the alternatives available.

Aside from exporting as a slideshow, you can likewise export in video format. You can choose from three resolution options. With no customization, the goal is 640p. For the best quality, you can choose up to 1080p.

Cons of VideoScribe

This VideoScribe review is not intended just for praising VideoScribe. Of course, this software has some drawbacks which are as follows:

Faulty Searching System

One significant thing that I disliked is that a portion of the search terms are not available or have no pictures accessible. But you can get around this by uploading pictures from other sources.

Lacking Text Style Options

Another downside is that when inserting text, just the essential textual styles are available. You’ll need to download different text styles before you can utilize them.

VideoScribe Pricing

Once VideoScribe subscription charges are compared with its functionalities and benefits – money is nothing.

These are the options available:

  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • $35/month or $168/year
  • Lifetime access for $800

VideoScribe Software Compatibility

Developers have made this software pretty versatile and compatible with different devices and operating systems.

Please keep in mind that this is computer software and it doesn’t support mobile operating systems.

VideoScribe is available for:

  • Windows
  • Mac

What Makes VideoScribe the BEST?

 Following are some reasons why VideoScribe is the best animation software in my experience:


Regarding features, VideoScribe is outstanding amongst other software of its kind. It is a flexible alternative that can let you rapidly make recordings. It is anything but difficult to explore, and the library is loaded with options that can make your video look better. You get access to a lot of SVGs, and can extensively modify the whiteboard animations.


If you are utilizing this for your business, you’ll love the value you get. Even if you’re just using VideoScribe as an individual, the cost is still very reasonable.


Regarding usability, this is the most ideal choice available. It is anything but difficult to modify the media; the video editor is really simple to use as well. During testing, there were no hiccups, malware, bugs, or other issues. All the options are clear, and even a first-time user won’t struggle to deal with the product.

Customer Support

There are several ways to get help with VideoScribe. There is an extensive FAQ section, video and text instructions, and email support.

VideoScribe FAQs

Here we have mentioned some of the most frequently asked questions which we face pretty much every day:

Q. Is this a legit software?

A. Yes, this is totally a legit software and their developers are running an internationally recognized company. So, there is no chance of online theft or any scam.

Q. Can we continue our subscription after trial is finished?

A. Yes, it is totally your choice to buy the subscription once your trial is finished.

Q. Can we crack it?

A. Cracked software is a pirated software. It is not advisable to use pirated software. Likewise, it is better to VideoScribe with its original license and subscription.

VideoScribe Alternatives

The following are some other whiteboard animation software programs you could use if you don’t want to use VideoScribe.


PowToon is introductory software that has characters, props, and cool animations. It allows you to easily create animated videos that show off your product in a fun, eye-catching way. Presently you can create videos for free, but they do come with a watermark.


Allows you to easily make animated recordings and other media content (introductions, banners, etc…).

You can make content utilizing items from an extensive library and add them to your pictures, sounds, and video cuts. You can easily alter, duplicate, and erase the recordings you make with Moovly. You can share your recordings with colleagues or companions, distribute them to YouTube and Facebook, and download them to your device.

Moovly is not yet internationally recognized, though it should be. Its users are pretty satisfied by its functionality. Moreover, Moovly also has a simple interface which attracts beginners.


SlideDog is an interactive presentation media software that lets you join PowerPoint slideshows, PDFs, Prezi presentations, film cuts, pages, and more to make an imaginative presentation.

Animatron Studio

Animatron is simple to use and a great animation program that empowers users to make amazing animations and recordings directly in the program.

It is cloud-based meaning you don’t have to download the software to your computer. It’s based on the newest and most secure HTML5, which helps with playback both on PCs and cell phones.


Explee permits you to make eye-catching and interactive animated videos. It has good text and whiteboard options that will impress your audience.

Final Words & Verdict

In this article, every aspect of VideoScribe has been discussed. I have taken care of what a beginner should be expecting from a whiteboard animation software and how it should perform when a professional creator is using it. We have concluded that VideoScribe is the best option out there.

The following are some reasons why VideoScribe is the best whiteboard animation software.

Firstly, its interface. VideoScribe is designed in such a way that both beginners and professionals can use it with ease. The developers of VideoScribe made sure that its interface is straightforward and intuitive.

Another feature that matters a lot in creating good animations is the library. A good library helps you demonstrate your concept perfectly. You can get literally any animation in its library. Starting with basic figures and ending with professional animations and stickers – VideoScribe has it all.

Moreover, it is not a bloated or slow software at all. Unlike other graphic software, it is compatible with many different machines and computers. You do not need to buy a super strong PC for it to work. This software is user-friendly and it goes easy on your machine.

In comparison with other animation software, VideoScribe is very reasonably priced. So, if you are planning to start creating whiteboard animations – VideoScribe is one of the best options for you.

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