Wish Review – Legit Shopping App or Scam? [2019]

Don’t you wish things weren’t so expensive?

Come on…a phone for $800? Who can afford that? Wouldn’t you rather spend $30 on a phone?

Well, you’re in luck.

Wish is an app and website where you can find super cheap items for sale. (And yes, I mean cheap in both senses of the word.)

Wish has been popular for awhile now, and isn’t showing signs of slowing down any time soon. So, I decided to write up a review of Wish to help summarize the pros and cons of the app and investigate into whether this company is a scam or completely legitimate.

Wish Review – Everything You Should Know Before Using Wish

Wish shopping site homepageLet me start by saying this:

With Wish, you get what you pay for.

Found a nice winter coat for $7? Well, it will feel like a $7 coat.

For some people, this is perfectly fine and Wish is a no-brainer. But if you want quality products that will last you a long time, look elsewhere.

With that said, there are some products that are probably worth buying on Wish because quality doesn’t matter so much. Things like party decorations, certain accessories, and even light-use tools.

Wish Pricing – Don’t Believe the Hype

On most of the items for sale on Wish, you’ll see a slashed out price that’s supposed to indicate what that product normally costs.

But this number actually has no meaning. Sellers are allowed to put any number there.

Also, some of the items for sale are, believe it or not, more expensive than name-brand items you could find for sale somewhere else, like at Walmart. So before you buy anything from Wish, verify that you really are getting a good deal by comparing the price with prices for the same product on Amazon and other merchants.

Also be aware that some inexpensive items have expensive shipping – kinda defeating the purpose. Make sure you check the total price before checking out!

Shipping Times – You Might be Waiting a While

One of the biggest complaints about Wish is that it takes forever for the products you ordered to arrive.

Some people have had to wait months. Sometimes the product never even makes it to you. I guess this is another of the many trade-offs for getting such good deals on certain products.

That said, some products are marked express shipping and these typically get delivered within a week, sometimes quicker. So if you need something soon, make sure it’s marked express shipping. Otherwise you could be waiting for quite some time.

Is Wish Legit? – Is it Safe to Shop on Wish?

There seem to be some mixed opinions as to whether Wish is legit or a scam.

It’s legit if you get what you ordered and don’t have to worry about any kind of fraud.

It’s a scam if you ordered something and it never arrived, and you can’t get your money back. Something many people have had problems with.

But this generally has more to do with the sellers, not so much with Wish itself. Certain sellers may be shady, others completely legit. Sellers have feedback and ratings for good reason.

So, my best advice would be to use Wish wisely. Only buy items from reputable sellers, and understand that there are always risks to shopping online – no matter from what website or app.

Wish Pros and Cons


  • Inexpensive products
  • Fun and addictive (I guess that’s a pro..?)


  • Most products are low quality
  • Slow shipping times
  • Shipping costs can be astronomical
  • Sometimes products are never even delivered
  • Some people are having their refund requests refused
  • The free refund or replacement policy lasts 30 days – often expiring before the product even arrives
  • Products may not always be as pictured
  • Slow and unhelpful customer support

Wish User Reviews – Here’s What People are Saying

At some point it became popular for YouTubers to share their thoughts on Wish, and share their “Wish Hauls”.

After watching several of these, you’ll have a good idea about the quality of products Wish sells and know whether it’s worth using or not.

This first one by Good Mythical Morning shows Rhett and Link guessing whether certain products are name-brand or knockoffs from Wish:

And here are a few more videos with YouTubers reviewing some products they bought:

And there are plenty more you can watch if you’d like. Basically, the sentiment is the same – the quality is terrible, but now and then a product will really surprise you.

Conclusion – Is Wish Worth Using?

I would say it’s at least worth giving Wish a try. Maybe spend just a couple bucks, or whatever amount you can afford to lose. If you’re satisfied, by all means use it to your heart’s content.

Just keep in mind the negative aspects (like all the cons listed above) and don’t set your expectations too high.

You may be delighted with Wish, or you may get burned.

It’s your choice, but I hope this review at least helped to make it a more informed choice.

Have you ever used Wish? What do you think of it? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

45 thoughts on “Wish Review – Legit Shopping App or Scam? [2019]”

  1. wish is a bad company …there refund or cancel policy is so fake or it for ever for then to refund you or cancel any item and you have deal with AI to get any answer from them and it takes 3 day to get a answer i would not even waste my time on this company ever , buy form amazon or eBay you will get better quality and service and be so much happy

  2. This app(wish)will make you wish YOU wish you went somewhere else.its too risky unpre-
    dictable.i ordered something&
    didnt get a price conforma
    tion which was $8.instead as soon as it got my bank info, IT snatched&scooped my money out my bank acct for $18.i was in shock. So(I canceled the whole order). later.Wish text me bck saying they will refund me $8??. Excuse me? Is this illegal legal STEALING.??they owe me $18. Also they added on an extra item I didnt order?? When youre texting them re: the matter, everything seems normal. When you start asking pertinent things, they speak&talk word salad style & DISAPPEAR.PLUS IT takes them 2 seconds to confiscate YOUR money but you got to wait 30 days to receive a tiny portion of your stolen money. This makes no sense.wont be shopping with them anymore.

  3. I will not ever buy anything from Wish. Yes – fun, poor quality but what is worse is they send you items you did not order and not what you ordered. And, yes, it takes a long long time for items to arrive.

    So, don’t WISH if you don’t want bad experience.

  4. I have used Wish for years but now I do not trust them. Since May, I never received several items I paid for. I clicked on each item in my order history that was not received. If you mark you haven’t received the item the Wish app displays a notification to wait and contact Wish again at a later date. So I waited patiently because I was being considerate about the political and COVID related shipping delays. Wish even posted notifications about the shipping delays on its site. After waiting even longer as instructed by the notification, I checked the tracking information again. The tracking information clearly shows that the items were never even shipped. I went back through the Wish Assistant app. The Wish Assistant app then states that I am ineligible for a refund because it is passed their 30-day policy regarding the delivery date. I then emailed Support through the options that were given on the Wish Assistant app. The replies that I received from Support said I needed to go through the Wish Assistant app to get a refund even though that is how the email to Support was generated. I am shocked that Wish is refusing to right this situation by remitting a refund for the items that I never received. I find it unconscionable that I am getting the run-around, no support, and clearly the whole process is a deceptive practice so that the customer cannot get refunded.

  5. I attempted to make a small purchase on Wish.com. I never received a confirmation email on account creation or order creation. When I attempted to log in, it failed. I did however see the charge appear on my credit card. Using their ‘contact’ link results in automated responses that ask you wait for up to three weeks for a refund. Three weeks later, no refund has been provided, and I still get automated responses to my attempts to contact them. Luckily, the purchase was not too large, but learn from my mistake – do NOT attempt to purchase anything on this site; you are literally giving away your money.

  6. I have bought many things from wish most have been good quality,the few that weren’t were refunded with no problem.I have never been ripped of by wish.Maybe I am one of the lucky ones

  7. What a load of c***. First offers are shown with a clock so I ‘purchased’ multiple offers and they took payment. Plus a number of full priced items.
    Emails received from Wish confirming the orders,, after all they took payment right?
    Emails then received explaining the offers were not available- out of 6 offers not one was available- a refund would occur within a number of days.
    I attempted to contact Wish to cancel all orders- no reply,,attempted to log into Wish but was told I was unable to as my email/password were incorrect- not the case attempted to deal with them via a reconciliation website- nope,, no joy.
    Out of the full payed items I have received one of 4 over the past 8 weeks,, the item I received was utter utter rubbish.
    Anyone who states this company offers value for money is providing a false review. Total rip off scam avoid.

  8. This company is a scam, it’s been nearly two months since I ordered merchandise, and I still haven’t received any of the items. They keep pushing the delivery date back. My advise is don’t buy from this company.

  9. I order on Wish I there was an error on my address didn’t realize the error until I got the tracking info..It’s been 3 weeks I have made many attempts to reach a customer rep no reply ..I have rely via email no response..Please be careful I hope they’re not troll site..

  10. Wish arbitrarily charged my card 113 euros that I did not buy and although since October 10 I have sent more than 40 e-mails requesting the refund of MY MONEY, Wish does not respond. There is no customer service. The response is an automatic message that does not correspond to what is requested. They are bots. This page is a vulgar scam.

  11. I ordered quite a few items on Wish using my MasterCard. I got notifications by text that they were being sent. Tonight the site said there was a problem processing payment, when I clicked on customer service and clicked on payment issue , it said verify identity. I clicked on verify ID several times , nothing happens. If I see items that were supposedly sent, but don’t receive, I will cause them a huge amount of legal trouble.

  12. How do I cancel my Wish account? I’ve ordered items and they all arrived after maybe one to two months. The purchased items were all as expected. However, after reading the comments here and the review by the Better Business Bureau, I think it would be best to cancel my account with this company. I am going to check with the Division of Consumer Affairs to see what they advise. I am worried that my credit card will be charged by this company for merchandise I have not ordered.

    • According to Wish’s website,

      You can deactivate your account from your Settings page. On the website, scroll to the bottom of the Account Settings page and click on Deactivate Account.
      Visit Account Settings
      Scroll down and click “Deactivate Account”.

    • Good Luck! I have had the same experience where they confirm the order then you try to track it a week later & they want you to send them your photo ID to prove who you are!!! You can deactivate your account but all the info stays there – I’ve gone back after months and the info is still there!! Don’t trust WISH it is definitely a scam!!! Don’t risk your information as all they are doing is trying to get your photo ID with all your personal info – don’t trust these identity scoundrels!!! I know two other people they’ve done the exact same thing with!!! BEWARE!!!

    • If you find out how to cancel your account; please share how because I’m betting there are a lot of people out there asking the same question.

  13. I bought several products with success. Trying to buy again they put a block on the account and now they are asking for this:
    Hello Jose,

    Thank you for reaching out. It looks like your last transaction was unsuccessful and your payment was not processed. We placed a temporary hold on your account to protect your financial data.

    We will need to verify that you are the cardholder in order for us to remove this hold from your account. Please send over an image of your bank statement with the following information clearly visible:
    Line showing Wish/Context Logic transaction
    Date of the transaction
    Amount of the transaction
    Currency of the transaction
    Photo ID

    For your safety and security, please hide all personal details aside from what’s mentioned above for verification.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Wish Customer Support
    There is not a site that would ask for this information.
    Maybe all a scam to get private personal information to scam. please be careful.

  14. Little update to this article – Did you know that Wish.com is doing big expansion on European market now. They offer local stores good contitions for enable customers to pick up goods from local stores immediately after buying – this push theam ahead befor ali express – in my country is around 100 stores but I know that % of stores in other European countries is much higher and grom much faster. Wish also give to stores manager special employ discount code even 50 % off like this one XPXJGJY to give local customers and their are paid for that – code works and is unique for each store but its stronger then any other in the app – This is smart plan that can change thisk of buying in future but also can double china stuff around us Greetings from Poland everyone I hope my post was worth reading

    • Wish is a joke. I ordered two dresses and neither have ever arrived. Their tracking takes you to a blank page and you are not allowed to say anything on their customer service line, all your responses are given to you. On Facebook they have tons of complaints. They are a scam.

      What kind of company sells you shit then says “Well it will take a while, if we send it at all, hehehe!”

  15. Ordered a small order, never received it, months later my credit card charged for 386.00. Luckily discover caught the fraud.

    • I got scammed!!! Their website didn’t seem to confirm my order so I canceled it. Removed every item from my cart and signed out!! I just looked at my statement for $37, which what my total if their website actually worked properly would’ve been about $10!!?? I cannot get a real person on the phone to discuss this!!! 2 out of 3 of the numbers were disconnected!!!!!! If I don’t an email back from them within the hour, I am calling my bank to have this charge removed and have this scam artist company exposed!!! Grrrrrrrrr

  16. I have ordered from Wish several times over the years and a few times, I was pleased. I’m not a happy person at the moment. I have never been so disappointed in my life. No agent that you can speak directly to and never can get a decent answer, especially when it comes to a refund. I was told that my refund would be credited back to my account on a certain day. It’s been 3 weeks and NOTHING! I WILL NOT ORDER FROM WISH AGAIN. A total Nightmare!

  17. I have ordered numerous items from WISH and I am pleased with most everything I’ve received from them. I do buy high-end clothing at times and this is not the same quality but I don’t expect it would be. I had an issue with one item and they refunded my money immediately. I love their clothing because many items are unusual, artsy funky and fun. I receive many compliments when I wear their clothing. I have purchased four pairs of leather shoes and boots and the quality has been great. You do have to follow the sizing charts because sizing is generally Asian. Also, the shipping does take two-three weeks generally. I personally am happy with the clothing and shoes i’ve ordered from WISH.

    • Wish scams you in many ways listed. You do not always get what’s in picture, you do not get to preview your order and decline it when you see the exhorbitant shipping fees, usually 5.00. And they lure you in with low prices on goods or even free, then cancel an item but they don’t remove shipping fee. Must call credit card company. It’s a computer to “talk to” so it’s their multiple choice answers. Suggest you walk away and DON”T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. I WISH I HAD NOT.

  18. I need my orders , I don’t want think this is scam,I can’t review my orders somebody lock my orders .I don’t got anything . Mery Villanueva

  19. Something went wrong with my account and I’m locked out… the products that I have order were charge to my card and they are currently under review…. I was ask to send photos of my ID card,bank statement and prove of wish purchase which I did… I’m not awaiting words on what’s the next move.. At this point I’m very unhappy

    • There’s new style this wish apps.they well give you free and pay 50 cent shipping just to order there product ! But guess what !they well refunded you .the reason why they do this it’s because they well up their rank !pls wish your shipping is very high if your shipping it’s not that high even your product is cheap.maybe you have a lot of costumer .this site is robbing people!!!

  20. Unfortunately, as a legit manufacture of bicycle parts in Asia I can say that what I see for sale on Wish is (for my brand at least) 100% counterfeit and unsafe product. We have had little luck working with the platform to prevent these parts from being sold, so I am left just hoping nobody gets hurt.

    But they will.

  21. We ordered those solar powered yard lights. We thought we were getting a set of 4, but only got 1. The 2 garden hoses we ordered have yet to come. I doubt we will buy from Wish anymore.

  22. So I just started browsing on the Wish site and at first I thought stuff looked cute but after looking at things for awhile I can definitely say this site is no good. The jewelry pieces that are pictured are not what people get. The stones don’t fit the bezel, the metal isn’t the same or the style. With the gemstones the sizes are smaller than the pics and the color and quality are not as good. That’s deception. No thanks.

  23. I have placed 3 orders with Wish in the last week since I only recently really came to see what this site has to offer. First order was placed and paid with my SA VISA card and according to the tracking it’s been shipped. Second order was placed and paid by my Mongolian VISA card and some shows shipped and some shows refunded although my bank statement doesn’t say so. 3rd order was placed and paid, but within 10min received an email stating my order has been fully refunded as there was something wrong with the payment….After 2 days of trying to get to speak to someone I eventually received an email requesting I need to show them a payment to WISH on my Mongolian bank statement in order to re-activate my account. So I did that and today received yet another email requesting I send a photo of my ID showing my face and name in order to activate my account. This is becoming very fishy to me !

  24. I ordered 12 plastick bikes they said I have received them but I have not when I tracked the tracking they had just left China can you please look in to for me please cheers christine

  25. Most of the Items came without a problem’ However Recently I ordered
    12Pcs 7cm Puff Mold Baking Mould DIY Chocolate Cake Egg Tart Mould Muffin Cups Jelly Pudding Mold Random Color
    Store: localsellerus
    Quantity: 1
    Delivered on Apr 25, 2019
    Tracking #: 9400109205167010211238

    This item was delivered , however it had only 1 item instead of 12. I have contacted customer support 3 times, all I seem to get back is the package was delivered. If this is the way they do Business, I recommend shopping elsewhere. The customer support is obviously not available.

  26. My husband’s Wish account was hacked.
    The hacker spent $274 on a computer then cancelled the order, Wish.com registered the money as “wish cash”.
    When we reported the crime they put a hold on the account and would refund us. But months pass and no refund. We tried to contact them multiple times until finally resorting to reporting them as frauds to our bank. They deflected stating that they had reimbursed the money with “store credit”, but we can’t use the wish cash because the account is put on hold.
    We’re going on 5 months, we still don’t have our $274 back.

    Wish.com is a terrible shopping site. Highly recommend NOT using it.

    • I have ‘bought’ many homeware items, most of them free with between $1 and $2 shipping charge. They have all been great, quality not the very best sometimes but my expectations have been exceeded most of the time
      The delivery time is quoted as up to 4 weeks but everything had arrived a lot sooner.

  27. I started buying from wish 5 weeks ago and out of 10 items I bought only 3 was worth the money. Some things were not the size I ordered and I can’t get my money back. The 3 things that were what I bought was worth the money. I have stopped buying from wish due to the fact those Chinese folks will rip you off and not think twice about it.

  28. Why is there no recourse to get at least a refund? I ordered a rollaway bed on wish in Jan 2019 and still don’t have it. The Canadian money equivalent including the shipping charge was more than $80, an amount I can’t afford to lose. It’s the only thing I have ever ordered on wish. Late February I got a delivery from wish which was a USB cable! No, I didn’t order this, so, $80+ dollars for a USB cable is hardly a bargain. Have tried repeatedly to get help with this to no avail. Do you know how to get answers?


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