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Every day, 140,000 new websites are launched. That’s about 100 every minute.

But why?

The answer is simple: everyone has something to share.

Some people start blogs to share their passion with the world. Others simply need a website for their business. Whatever the motive, websites are an extremely effective way of getting yourself, or your business, out there.

I can only assume the reason you’re here is because you’re interested in building a website yourself. Amazingly enough, these days anyone can build a website for zero cost without even touching any code. In this article, I’ll introduce two easy ways to build a website.

The first is building a free website using, and the second way is by building a free website using SiteRubix. The difference? SiteRubix allows you to monetize your site, while WordPress does not.


Before we get our hands dirty, let me clear up a few misconceptions:


1) Building a website is a long and difficult process.

Nope, this is simply not true. If you know how to use a computer, you could literally have a website up and running in less than five minutes from now.


2) You can’t build a nice website for free

WRONG. There are tons of free website builders out there, but many of them limit certain functionalities. With WordPress and SiteRubix, you’re virtually unlimited.


3) You need to know code in order to build a website

Again, not true. I’ve never had to touch the code on my websites. You really can make beautiful, fully functional websites without knowing a single line of code.


Ready to build your website? Here’s the first option:

Building a website with offers a fast and easy website building experience. The only problem with it though, is that they show their OWN ads on YOUR site. This means they get all the advertising revenue your website generates, and you get nothing. They also have restrictions on posting affiliate links on your own site, so you can’t earn any money that way either.

It all comes down to this: Building a website is easy and fast with It’s a good option ONLY if you don’t plan on making money from your site.


If your plan is to make money from your website, try my #1 recommendation:

Building a website with

SiteRubix runs on Note the difference:, vs Since it runs on, you can do virtually anything to your site. This includes placing ads and affiliate links on it, meaning you can make lots of money from it. If you’re a developer, you can even modify the code – something you can’t do with a site.

SiteRubix needs hosting, like any website. Thankfully, all SiteRubix sites are hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, which provides 100% free hosting on up to two SiteRubix websites (Premium members get free hosting on up to 50 websites). Wealthy Affiliate also has extensive training on building websites, a helpful community of over 800,000 internet entrepreneurs, and ultra-fast live support.


So let me break down the two choices here:


Quick & EasyYesYes
Allows AdsNoYes
Allows Affiliate LinksNoYes
Comes with TrainingNoYes
Instant SupportNoYes
Use WordPressUse SiteRubix


Personally, I think SiteRubix is the best option for building websites. It’s free, has far more features and functionalities than, and is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate – the most complete, highest-rated internet marketing training available.


Have a question, comment, or need some help?

Leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond. I’d love to help out!

7 thoughts on “ vs. SiteRubix – Which is Better for Building Websites?”

    1. Last I heard, the free account option is not available in Nigeria unfortunately. Things may have changed now as that was two years ago. So I recommend you try it. If it doesn’t work, then the only way to use SiteRubix is if you sign up for premium.

  1. It should be noticed that, when one uses Siterubix and does not want to earn money, one is kicked out after six months unless one upgrades to Premium, i.e. $49/month. In other words, the “free of charge” time your non-commercial website is online at Siterubix i.c. Wealthy Affiliate is limited to six months, after which it will be put offline unless you decide to pay $49/month. This is their policy. The only thing is that in their propaganda, they do not mention the limitation to six months. As a result, I had to rebuild my non-commercial website, created at Siterubix.
    Take it or leave it.

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