Wyzant Review 2023 – Is It Legit & Worth It?

Wyzant connects students with a database of more than 65,000 tutors. Parents can search for tutors based on hourly cost, area of expertise, and availability.

Tutors can list their services on the platform and earn an extra income. Wyzant doesn’t only focus on academic tutoring. Students can also connect with tutors for creative pursuits such as drawing, photography, and guitar playing.

Both students and tutors will find advantages and disadvantages to Wyzant. Although you can find reliable tutors in your area, the platform doesn’t pre-screen candidates and won’t perform mandatory background checks.

However, Wyzant does permit a free first session if the student isn’t happy with the tutor. For tutors, Wyzant does take a percentage of your hourly fee, but you set payment price.

Wyzant works best as a virtual bulletin board for tutors and students to connect. For those having difficulty finding a qualified tutor in their area at an affordable rate, Wyzant can be a viable solution.

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Find an Expert Tutor on Wyzant

What is Wyzant?

In 2005, two Princeton University graduates named Michael Weishuhn and Andrew Geant founded Wyzant. Wyzant launched after only $10,000 in private funds were raised.

Princeton University

In 2013, Accel Partners invested $21.5 million in the company as a way to expand its offerings at the time.

Wyzant boasts tutors in over 300 subjects and over 2 million registered users. Headquartered in Chicago, Wyzant has an estimated annual revenue of $777 million.

Wyzant relies on tutors to make the platform a success. Anyone can set up a tutoring account through the website or mobile applications in a few minutes. The success of Wyzant is subjective. Students that connect with an experienced and approachable tutor will benefit.

Others may feel that the tutor’s skills don’t match their hourly cost.

Who should use Wyzant?

Wyzant appeals to students who are at all grade levels. However, the majority of users are middle-school age and older. Parents will sign up their children if the students are struggling in a specific subject.

Wyzant is also a popular test preparation resource.

Tutors are available for:

  • SAT
  • PSAT
  • GRE
  • ACT
  • ISEE

Before hiring a tutor, the student will want to discuss their goals and confirm that the tutor can help achieve them. For instance, a tutor may offer to help the student raise an SAT score by 100 or more points.

Another goal could be to bring up a B in Calculus to an A.

Each tutor’s qualifications vary, but many come from educational backgrounds. Teachers and professors often work on Wyzant as a side gig to earn an extra income. College students or recent university graduates also tend to tutor on Wyzant.

Program reputation

Wyzant has an average review rating from users and tutors. Among the biggest complaint from users is poor customer service. Response times are long, and connecting with a representative about any issues is challenging.

Cost is another common criticism. Wyzant charges both the student and the tutor a fee for their services. On average, Wyzant takes a 25 percent commission from the tutor. At a minimum, tutoring rates start at $35 per hour and go up to $300+.

Wyzant offers students a money-back guarantee, but only for the first hour of tutoring. The company will not refund if grades or test scores don’t improve.

Criminal background checks are optional and must be paid for by the tutor or student. You will not see credentials verified through the background check.

On the positive side, all online lessons on Wyzant are recorded and stored. You can view stored videos at any time to help review the materials covered during the class. Users also commend the site for its ease of use, including booking a tutor.

Each tutor is listed with reviews, educational experience, and total tutoring hours.

Find an Expert Tutor on Wyzant

Inside Wyzant

To become a tutor on Wyzant, you’ll find the Apply Now option at the very top of the Wyzant homepage.

Wyzant tutor signup screen

Start by providing basic demographic information about yourself, including name, address, email, and set up a password. Then, choose the subjects you wish to tutor, such as calculus, PSAT, creative writing, and U.S. history.

You’ll need to submit a free response essay with your application. In the piece, you’ll discuss your experience.

You should disclose the following:

  • Tutoring experience
  • Teaching experience
  • Degrees and certifications
  • Educational background

Finish your profile before submitting by setting your tutoring rates and uploading a photo. You’ll also have to agree to the terms and conditions before applying. Applications are typically reviewed and approved within seven to ten days.

upload photo Wyzant

Signing up for Wyzant as a student is simple. Start by searching for a tutor. Then, enter the subject you wish to get help with to narrow down the choices. From the populated results, you’ll then see your tutor options. You can choose from local or virtual lessons as a filter.

Additional filters include the tutor’s age, availability, student grade level, and hourly rate. If you see a tutor you’re interested in, click on their profile to get more information.

On each tutor’s page, view their number of ratings, reviews, biography, education, current hours, specialties, and policies.

Fill out a request form, and the tutor will get back to you. Wyzant also shares information with similar tutors to help you find the best fit.

Once scheduled with the tutor, you sign in through the mobile app or your laptop/computer. You’ll be brought to a virtual meeting room to connect with your tutor.

Along with the video feature, the online platform will have a chat feature to share problems, ask questions, and more.

A whiteboard will appear, too, to help you and your tutor share notes. An upload option will permit you to send any classwork or syllabus information you wish the tutor to view. Add up to 30 active boards during a single tutoring session.

Pricing for Wyzant

No subscriptions or minimum payment is required for Wyzant. Although some tutors are expensive, users will not have to commit to a monthly fee. You only pay for the hours you need.

Experienced tutors will charge more, but they typically have a high success rate for improving grades and test preparation.

Tutors who charge $20 or less per hour may be new to Wyzant and looking to build their portfolio before increasing their rates. However, other lower-rate tutors may have poor reviews or an apparent lack of experience.

Find an Expert Tutor on Wyzant

Refund Policy

Refunds are offered to those who feel a Wyzant tutor has incorrectly charged them. You can contact customer service first, but the tutor must also approve refund requests. Contact support through email about any refund issues.

Tutors can refund students directly by checking their accounts and voiding the lesson.

The Good Fit Guarantee will refund you for the first hour of any lesson with a new tutor. If you’re unhappy with the tutor or are uncomfortable with your experience, you can request a refund through Wyzant.

How much money can you make on Wyzant?

Tutors report averaging $35 to $63 per hour while working on Wyzant. Since credentials aren’t confirmed, and no formal education is required, most tutors consider the pay rate competitive. Wyzant releases payment within five days of a tutoring session.

Commission rates are solid for the industry, with Wyzant taking 25 percent of your hourly rate, no matter how much you charge students.

Is Wyzant worth it?

Wyzant has more flexibility than many other competing programs. Websites like Varsity require you to purchase a package of 12 tutoring hours or more to use their services. Wyzant users pay as they go.

Most notably, Varsity takes a large cut of the hourly rate charged to students. Students on Varsity pay upwards of $70 an hour, while tutors make an average of $15 per hour. Chegg is one of the most affordable online tutoring options, costing under $16 per month. However, less individualized instruction is provided through the platform.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Budget-friendly
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • No contracts
  • Wide range of subjects


  • Extra fees
  • Poor customer support

Praise and Criticism

Feedback from Reddit

A few complaints about Wyzant have come from users who have difficulty booking tutoring jobs on the site. As one reported, “Applied to 10+ jobs on Wyzant with no response.” Another added, “I am applying to jobs and not getting a thing.”

Feedback from BBB

Wyzant is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and currently has a B+ rating. Several complaints appeared on the BBB pages, including ones unhappy with unauthorized credit card charges for sessions not attended.

Another user didn’t like other payment policies and stated, “If you want a tutoring service, this is not the place. They make you leave a credit card even just to look for a tutor.”

Wyzant BBB overall rating

Wyzant BBB reviews

Feedback from Quora

Quora has reviewers who have pointed out the high potential for making substantial money from tutoring on Wyzant.

A current tutor on Wyzant has stated teachers with years of experience can charge “$100 or more per hour.”

Wyzant Quora review

What makes Wyzant different?

Wyzant gives students the option to meet in person with their tutors. Instead of a virtual-only choice, you can search and connect with local tutors.

Most competitors offer exclusive online tutoring sessions. Also, since Wyzant offers tutors the option to set their prices, you will find a higher quality of educators.

How do you join Wyzant?

If you feel Wyzant is a good fit, visit their homepage to start searching for tutors in your preferred subject area.

Find an Expert Tutor on Wyzant

Other services offered by Wyzant

homework help option does exist on the Wyzant platform. You can submit an academic question and get it answered by certified experts. The feature is free to use and a good option for challenging homework questions.

Best Alternatives to Wyzant

Princeton Tutors

Princeton Tutors hires tutors educated at the Ivy League university. If you’re unhappy with any session, you can request a refund, and the site will make it right.


Preply offers very affordable pricing for tutor sessions with rates at $40 or less an hour. Trial lessons are offered as well as discounted costs for group lessons.


Wyzant works best for students looking for a hands-on company with flexible scheduling and payment options. The process of working at Wyzant is less selective than other companies, but you can find high-quality tutors at higher hourly rates.